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I know, it’s the day after Valentine’s. I guess I’m giving you ideas for next year, or even Mother’s Day. I saw this on Pinterest (which is where I usually come up with stuff because I’m just not smart enough to come up with it on my own) and knew I could draw this and recreate it.

It’s a CD picture holder purse: 20130210-IMG_8182

Here is the side view, in which girl child said, “How are you going to put anything in this? It will fall out.” 20130210-IMG_8184

When you open it up, you have a cool double picture frame:

In the original project, you use those cd envelopes with the round opening, but I liked ovals better. And I added some hearts. The beauty is you can delete them if you don’t want them and make a circle, square, or even a lightning bolt if you want. 20130210-IMG_8185

Yes, those are my spawns. {Edit: Guess I need to clarify that the one on the right is a boy. His hair was a little long in this picture, but he’s all boy}

When you pull the little insert out, it looks like this. Not as pretty because you can see the fold overs on the frame. That could have easily been solved with a square of black paper, but this is me and I’m lazy. When you stick the pictures back in, the problem is solved. 20130210-IMG_8187

When I took the pictures for this post, I had not fully glued the pictures down because I was still manipulating them so they were in the frame without sticking out of those little cut out hearts I added.

The pictures need to be cut to 3 5/8 x 4 3/4 inches 20130210-IMG_8188


While I can’t add all the little goodies I used to decorate in the file, you can pick those babies up at www.letteringdelights.com. It was Sheri McCulley’s new valentine set with flowers, letters, keys and hearts and all sorts of good stuff.

But here is the file you need to make one of these.

And here is the website where you can find the tutorial I used to base my file on and to help you put all the stuff together.

I’m not sure why my pictures are showing up with the gray tint because they aren’t that way when I processed them, but when I uploaded them, they had that gray tinge to them. Oh well.

Machine used: Zing

Software: MTC (by the way, have you downloaded the new update? You can just drop .svg files into the program instead of importing them. This is huge for me because I’m a Mac girl and I can open the finder (same as Windows Explorer in Windows) and drag the files I want right into MTC (running under Parallels and Windows 7 in Coherence mode).

paper: world win cut mates and Joann brand

P.S. Sorry if you saw this post a little early and wondered where it went. Apparently I can’t type because I meant to schedule it for the 15th (which is when it’s supposed to go up) and I put the wrong date in.

Until next month…

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42 thoughts on “{Love Zing

  1. I love this project and will make one for my daughter!!! Thanks so much for sharing the idea you found and BTW, many of us have to find ideas somewhere 🙂

  2. OMGoodness…ADORABLE! Love the paper choice, the font, embellies….and we finally get to see your beautiful kids!! Not as they’re running away from the camera shot! btw, I did loved the suspense of “what do they look like…are their faces deformed and hidious? do they not wipe their noses??” LOL They are GORGEOUS!!! 5 stars my dear…for the awesome project as well as producing beautiful children! Ü

  3. O I can’t thank u enuf 4 sharing the file. I need to make 2 of these. One for my 2 grandchildren and one for my girls. TY and yours is beautiful and I love the colors u choze

  4. What a great idea! It would make a great gift anytime for one of the “girls” either family or friend. Thanks so much for sharing. Love my Zing and MTC.

  5. Great job! I’ll have to put this on my list of to-do projects. The grandparents would love this! Your kids are such cuties. Girl child looks so sweet and Boy child has the greatest smile ever 🙂

  6. Love this purse. What a great idea for Mother’s Day. Too bad there isn’t a wallet
    like that for Father’s Day. It is always so difficult to find masculine things. Anyway thanks for sharing the files. I appreciate it.

  7. I love this project! I am not able to figure out how to design things on my own, and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it, therefore, I thank you for your file.

    These will be fun to make!

  8. Love everything about this project. Your paper and color choices, the design itself and the little heart cut-outs. Thank you very much for sharing your files. Must make these as gifts for the grandmothers.

  9. So cute!!! I want to make one, but am I the only one who, when I open the file in MTC gets a blank?

  10. This is a very nice. Looking forward to making a few of these.
    You have good looking children. Thanks for sharing this awesome project!

  11. LOVE this! Thanks for the file. Went to the site you linked to – could not find an actual tutorial though? Will I be able to easily figure out how to put it together just from the file?
    BTW GORGEOUS kids!

  12. this is so cute, can think of some great ways to use it. didn’t download the first time and after reading Sandy’s post on MTC forum I decided I need to snag it. think i am going to put picture of myself in them for my 2 little GD’s for their room. don’t see them as much as I would like and this will remind them how much I love them when they look at it! thanks for a great project.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing such a special project. I love that you have given us so much detail on how to create our own!

  14. GREAT project, I love it. Does not have to be Valentine to make this project. Abolutely adorable.

  15. Very cool project, Deb! I love how much depth you create with all your projects. I really REALLY like that font, BTW! (Huge font geek)

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