I love vinyl!

IMG_2637 Good morning !  In Wisconsin we are experiencing a beautiful autumn, my favorite time of year. It is when life starts to slow down a bit and I have more time to spend with my beloved KNK…at least in theory. :~)

Materials used:


14×17 Frame matted to 11×14


Settings on a 15″ KNK Maxx

red blade

40 force

400 speed

Another Pinterest inspired project!  I saw this on Pinterest and loved it. And as with most things I thought “I can do that”. I already had the split letter alphabet from  My Vinyl Designer so the rest was easy. I used Centsb font for the name and date and Hanford Script font for the Mr. & Mrs. If you don’t care to buy the alphabet you can use the ginsu knife feature and split the letter (I use snap to grid to make sure my cut lines are straight). Then make a rectangle the desired size, use the array feature to make sure your 2 rectangles are lined up properly, then weld a rectangle to each half of the letter. Once you get everything in place I use alt 7 to center the name,monogramed letter, date and the Mr. & Mrs. and Ta Da… a split letter monogram! I used Wonder Under to give the burlap some stability.

This makes a great wedding shower, wedding, anniversary, or just because gift. Stay tuned for my next post where I cut PAPER!!!!



18 thoughts on “I love vinyl!

  1. Another great project, Nancy. I like the large cut letter as the focal point. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another very very nice project, Nancy!!! Very elegant and yet not fussy. A great anniversary or wedding gift. Keep the great ideas coming. Looking forward to your next project. Thanks for all the details.

  3. Tamara, the burlap is inside the frame, where the picture would be. The vinyl is on the outside of the glass. Hope this helps.

  4. I was curious about this also. Thanks for lettng us know. Could you use HTV directly on the burlap?

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