Love a bit of Bling

KNKUSA has a new rhinestone product called Rock-It Rhinestone Flock.  It is black and feels almost like a very short velvet.  Sandy McCauley was very enthusastic about it and since I had gotten some in my bonus package with my Maxx Air, I decided that it would be perfect to use for my post this month.

I designed a rhinestone motif using the word “Love”.  Just to dress it up a little I replaced the “o” with  concentric hearts.  In the center of the hearts is a 5mm x 5mm heart shaped hot fix red rhinestone.  There are three hearts.  The outer one is crystal rhinestones, the center one is rose rhinestones, and the inner one is siam rhinestones.  The remainer of the word is also siam rhinestones.  I used 6SS rhinestones because I like the detail that I can get with the smaller stones.

Since this material was new to me, I cut a Rhinestone Sizing Template to determine the size I would need to make the circles for my 6ss rhinestones.  I found that a 2.8mm circle worked the best.  Once I knew that, I was ready to place the circles on my design using the Transform/Fit Object to Path function of my KNK Studio software.  I used the Loki Cola font and modified it a bit in addition to replacing the “o”.

To cut the Rock-It Rhinestone Flock, I removed the backing from the material and placed it, sticky side down, directly on my sticky mat.  I had tried cutting it with the backing in place, but found that I prefer removing the backing before cutting.  Since the Rock-It is repositionable, you can use the backing as your storage medium.  You do not need (or want) to stick it to a piece of cardboard.  In order to know which way to replace the backing on the Rock-it, I clipped off about 1/4″ of one corner of it and the backing before I pulled them apart.

I copied my design from KNK Studio and did a Paste in Place in the MTC software in order to cut it on my Maxx Air.  I used a blue blade (thick material blade) with 2 passes, a blade offset of 0.75, a speed of 200, a force of 70, and a blade height of 25 Post-It Notes.   After the Rock-It was cut, I brayered it on the mat (a suggestion from Sandy McCauley) before pulling it up and the majority of the circles stayed on the mat and were easily scraped off.

Even though I designed the template to be used with three different colors of rhinestones, I made the choice to cut only one template and to place the crystal and rose stones by hand since there were not very many of them and I was most likely not be going to fill the template more than a few times.

When the template was cut, placed back on the backing material, filled with rhinestones, and the design ironed onto my shirt, this is what it looks like.

Love Rhinestone Shirt

Love Rhinestone Shirt

Here is a close up of the rhinestone design which is difficult to get a good picture of.

Love Rhinestone Design

Love Rhinestone Design

The file for cutting the template in KNK, MTC, and PDF formats can be found here.   Love with Heart Cutter Files_JudyKay  Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Love a bit of Bling

  1. I really like this shirt. The “love” really pops since it is done in rhinestones.
    I like the different colors in the hearts too. Another great job,, Judy. Thanks for sharing and for sharing the file too.

  2. Great job and thanks for threw file. I need to get some of this new material and try it out. Sounds like a much better fix than the other stuff. Thanks for great inspiration as always!

  3. Love the project! I haven’t done rhinestones yet but this is very tempting. Just not sure how to get started and I really have enough project on my list but …

  4. Judy!
    Way to bling it up! You did a super lovely job!! This is inspiring as over the years I’ve gotten to be the instrument to create my daughter;s figure skating dresses and boy have I individually applied thousands of rhinestone crystals:) Cool!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

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