Santa is Close- Santa’s Reindeer Found Its Way Into My Home

Santa's reindeer

Santa is very, very close! It appears Santa’s Reindeer arrived at my house a little early, lol. I wanted to make some decorations for under the tree. First, I was brainstorming what to use to decorate under the Christmas tree, when my husband asked me to make a Santa sleigh for our miniature chihuahua dog. So, I thought that that would be a great thing to put close to the tree as a decoration too. I also thought that if I was doing a sleigh, it would be a good idea also to make ears to match our tiny reindeer.

Our granddaughter loves to pose for pictures so she took advantage of the moment to take pictures with Santa’s lost reindeer. She enjoyed helping me do this project especially taking pictures, the thing that she loves most .

In this picture our SUPER tiny dog is wearing reindeer ears made out of foam fun and posing for the camera.

Materials for Santa’s reindeer ears and Sleigh:

  • KNK Digital Cutting Machine (I used the KNK Force to cut the cardstocks and the KNK Grove-e to cut the foam fun)
  • Red cap blade (with the KNK Force to cut the Cardstocks)
  • Blue cap blade ( with the KNK Groove-e to cut the Foam Fun)
  • MTC
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Fun Foam
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter
  • Hot Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun

KNK Force Settings:

  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 2
  • P= 1
  • CD = 75
  • CS= 20

KNK Groove-e Settings:

  • Force = 35
  • Speed = 150

Instructions for the Reindeer Ears:

  1. I traced a horn of a reindeer, duplicated and made a stripe with the foam fun to make the reindeer ears.
  2. Then, I put glitter on them and glued them to form the antlers of the reindeer but with a short tube styled hole to put the head of the dog through.


Instructions for the Sleigh:

  1. This Sleigh is a file from MTC gallery.
  2. So, I just adjusted the size to fix the size of our tiny dog.
  3. I cut the cardstock according the pieces and glue them to the cardboard to be cut with a craft knife.
  4. After that, I glued all the pieces together to form the sleigh.
  5. Finally, I wrapped some empty little boxes to put in the sleigh.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

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