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These are some invitations for a “Quinceañera” which will feature a candy land theme. My cousin is celebrating her daughter’s 15th birthday and, as you know, I look for any excuse to cut with my WONDERFUL KNK machine. Because her theme is candy, she wanted to make invitations in the shape of lollipops. This is what the invitation says, translated from Spanish to English (the message was found in an Internet search):

“I invite you to celebrate a dream come true, Naudelis 15”

Lollipop Invitation POST front

On the back of the invitation, it reads:

“Today begins another stage, other paths, other dreams… Left behind unforgettable memories and other memories will be formed… Today the fantasy comes true… MY 15 YEARS OLD.

Lollipop Invitation POST



I used foam board for my invitations because the wood stick can be inserted in the foam to give it the look of a real lollipop.


Make the design using Photoshop or a similar software. Use your MTC or KNK Studio software to trace, print on a Printable vinyl and cut your project. If you are using chipboard you can use your KNK Cutting Machine to cut the part between the front and back of your lollipop. If you are using foam board, then you have to cut that part with an exacto knife. The circumference of my invitation is 4 inches. After you cut all the pieces, put it together, insert the wood stick in the bottom of the lollipop and wrap it with plastic or a cellophane bag. And finally, tie the curly ribbon holding the end of the bag like a real lollipop.

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  1. Omayra, yet another fantastic project. I love the “lolipop.” You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

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