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Making cards on my KNK Maxx Air is always fun and lets me tap into my creative side.  I recently made a card that can be used for many different occasions.  I made it for a friend who was accepting a year long temporary job assignment in another location and I wanted her to know that I would miss her.  I didn’t want anything fancy or wordy or flowery.  So I made her a Little Card with a Big Thought inside.



When closed the card measures 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ so it really is a little card.

Materials Used:

Cardstock – white and pink

Double sided adhesive tape

Foam Pop-Dots


KNK 15″ Maxx Air

Thick Materials Blade – Blue Cap

Force – 55, Speed – 80, Blade Offset – .75, 1 pass

Instructions, etc.:

I created the heart border using KNK Studio and Make the Cut software. Because of the small size of some of the cuts, I decided to use the blue blade rather than the standard material blade.  The scalloped center panel on the front of the card, the heart on the inside of the card and the card itself were print-and-cut items.  The score lines on the scalloped panel were added manually since they are scored from the back side of the panel rather than the front.  I used a Martha Stewart Score Board so my lines would be straight and have extra definition.  The scalloped panel was secured to the front of the card with foam Pop-Dots so it would be raised above the surface of the card front.

The following photo shows the placement of the heart inside of the card.  The center fold of the heart is placed on the center fold of the card.  The point of the heart is right at the bottom of the card and the folds towards the top of the heart are almost at the top of the card.  Thus when the card is folded, the heart is completely concealed inside so it is a bit of a surprise when it pops up as the card is opened.  Adhesive should be placed only on the lower portions of the heart that are below the side-to-side fold lines.


To make the presentation a bit more special, I cut an envelope from a sheet of flower printed scrapbook paper using the printed side as the outside of the envelope.  I then cut my friend’s name out of coordinating vinyl instead of writing her name on the envelope.

Files for the card and the envelope can be downloaded by clicking on the link here.  LittleCardCuttingFiles_JudyKay





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  1. I’m bet your ‘little’ card was received in a ‘big’ way, knowing the thought behind it. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your files. I’m sure that I will find an occasion to use such a special card.

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