A lesson learned!

Over the years I have learned that it saves a ton of time if you put things back where they belong. Such is the case with the little card that goes into my camera. It is always in my camera, in the printer, or sitting on top of the printer…until it disappeared on Saturday. I spent the last few days searching because I needed it for this post. I finally found it mingled in with some papers behind the printer. My husband has been doing some paper work and I am guessing he opened the printer to scan something and the card fell behind. So hopefully from now on it will be limited to being in the slot in the printer or in the camera.:~)

Materials Used

Cling vinyl




Red capped blade

55 force

350 speed

IMG_3428 IMG_3429

A customer that has a real estate business has pictures or properties that are for sale in her office window. She wanted to be able to put sold in front of them with out having to use vinyl which would have to be applied and removed. So I found this Cling vinyl at www.dickblick.com and used my KNK Maxx to cut nice, neat rectangles. I then cut vinyl, mirroring the image so that it could be seen through the cling vinyl. It did the job perfectly! The cling vinyl is a nice medium weight vinyl that is sturdy but yet not overly thick.


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