Last Minute Initials Wedding Glasses Using Sensitive Pressure Vinyl

Last Minute Initials Wedding Glasses This was a Last Minute Initials Wedding Glasses for a couple that had forgotten their wedding glasses. My sister-in-law asked me to do it the same day of the wedding. So the fastest thing that I could do was their initials inside a heart.

The wedding was simple but Beautiful.



  • F = 45 (I have cut this material before with a F=25. This time I had to use F=45. Remember that there are going to be things that can affect the Force and the cut, like the dull of the blade, the mat, etc. So just use this as a guide)
  • V = 100


  1. Using MTC, I choose a heart from this software and with the Rhinestones icon made the circles on the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl.
  2. Then, I wrote their initials inside the heart. When I was happy with the result, I cut it with my KNK Groove-2.
  3. After weeding it, I placed masking tape on top to transfer the project to the glasses
  4. Next, I put a Rhinestone and the bottom end of the heart (the point).
  5. And finally, I made bows to use as an embellishment.


PS: The couples in the picture are me and my husband when we got married in 1990. I just put that candle there to take the picture.

6 thoughts on “Last Minute Initials Wedding Glasses Using Sensitive Pressure Vinyl

  1. What a wonderful project for having such a short time to produce it! Beautiful, Omayra!! Simply beautiful!

    • Thank you Liz!! You know that weddings something is forgotten. For my wedding I forget the wines at home. Thanks God that we were close to the house, LOL

    • Thanks to my AWESOME machines and to you for teaching me to love them.. Lol. They were very happy.

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