Last Minute Gift

Omayra, KNK, MTC

If you own a cutter machine and want to make a very last minute gift, this is a cute idea for you. This is great for Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation, Birthday gift, etc. It is a coffee mug that holds a little spoon. The mug already has the print on it, you just have to add the name or a message to that special person and you are done. MTC software has a GREAT feature called “Bézier Warp” that allow you to make text on different paths or shapes.

The vinyl that I bought from is a 5 year outdoor vinyl. It is a REALLY great vinyl. I applied that vinyl to some plastic cups three years ago, and I have put them in the dishwasher (knowing that it was a vinyl decal but I LOVE to try everything to see how it works). At this time, I still have my plastic cups with their names on it. BUT I am not saying that this is going to work all the time. I just did it because if the vinyl is used on vehicles where you wash your vehicle and even go through the car wash and the vinyls remain in their same position, then with the cups it should be the same. Just try different things and make your own challenge to see what happens, LOL. But the vinyl is AWESOME. Now, I am trying it on this ceramic mug to see what happens, LOL.

For this last minute project, you are going to need:



  1. Write the name that you want to add to your mug using MTC
  2. Click the “Bézier Warp” Icon. The text will start wrapping around a circle. Bézier Warp
  3. Then change the settings to your desired position. I scrolled the Size & Position to fit the text to halfway around the circle. And because I wanted to make more mugs with the same setting I saved it.                     Settings
  4. And finally the name will take the shape that you have set.                         Finish

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  1. Merci pour cette bonne idée et surtout merci aussi pour le tutoriel .

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! What a great way to make a quick but very personal gift!

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