{Last minute gift ideas…

“Do your Christmas gifts look like this??!!” (said in my best booming infomercial voice)

You’ve written the recipients name on the gift with a Sharpie? And you couldn’t even bother to make sure the wrapping paper was at least facing the right direction??

I’m not going to lie. All my Christmas gifts look like this under my tree. I couldn’t get it together this year and I’m feeling pretty excited that at least they were purchased and wrapped.

You crafty people are going to disown me right? Especially since I own a KNK Maxx, that can make my gifts look spectacular (Again, infomercial voice. Go with it, k?)

Grab your drink of choice:

And let’s do this. Yes, I’m very serious about my hot chocolate. My mountain of whipped cream started sinking when I took the picture. And yes, I’m using Mr. Deb’s Harley Davison mug because I like it a lot. And yes, those are chocolate shavings. Grated myself. Just kidding. I have a can of them. I even buy my cheese grated.

Don’t you want to slap me and tell me to get back on topic?

It’s okay, I want to slap me too.

I moseyed over to www.letteringdelights.com and dug through my Christmas files. I am sooo excited about the Nancy Kubo files. I love her stuff. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so. They are so stinkin’ cute!

The ornament, snowman, and reindeer came from the Nancy Kubo Christmas cut its and the stocking was a .png file from… oh *#$&#*$&, I can’t remember which one I got that out of. I did a pixel trace of it in MTC and cut out one layer in white card stock, one layer in Christmas fu fu paper and then the stocking rim in white. (The stocking came from Christmas Dee-licious)

Alright. We interrupt this long-winded blog post because as I’m writing up this post, I discovered this:


She looks cute, guilty and FAT doesn’t she?

This is what I just caught her doing. That dog has eaten enough chocolate to kill 10 dogs. We are still trying to figure out who ate the loaf of bread the other day and I have a pretty good feeling it was her.

Notice all the presents in the background with no tags? My kids wrap a lot of them too, I’m not that bad at the wrapping. Well, maybe I am.

(See how I tied this right back into relevance? I’m good, aren’t I?)


Alright, I’ll fess up. I suck at stamping. I’m going to take the print and cut route next time because it looks so much better than when I stamp. I have a million of those things too.

I inked the edges of the cuff (??) of the stocking while I watched the Survivor finale. Ozzy should have won.

The reindeer is my favorite. Notice how clean and crisp the KNK cuts the reindeer mouth and eyes? You just don’t get the same results with that C machine that shall not be named here.

I want to put stickles on the nose except a certain girl spawn of mine took them and I haven’t relocated them yet.


Since obviously I didn’t use nice tags for any of my gifts, I’m going to package them up and give them to my neighbors. I didn’t do Christmas cards either. I tell myself I’m going to do it every year and even took the pictures… just didn’t get a card designed.  I did it! I designed Christmas cards yesterday, sent them to Costco, picked them up today and mailed them! Woot!

Then if you need a fancy wallet to put them in, go here and make one of these:


Okay, the outside of mine is still boring, but I will use Maxx to Zing it up (like that??) somehow.

Oh snap. I guess I need to clean off the white canvas I use to take pictures. I’d Photoshop the dust out, but I’m too lazy for that.

Well, if you made it this far, thanks for reading. Have a happy holiday with your loved ones. I keep hoping Santa will bring me a Zing, but I think Santa would have needed to order it by now to get it….

See you next year!!! I’m so excited to see what you will do with your KNK machine!


I forgot to show you what the final decorated outside part looked like:

I just did a quick print and cut with some lettering delight graphics and mounted it on the sleeve. I learned after this one to hide that folded over part a little better, but I gave away all my good ones and this was my practice one.

Then I liked that little gingerbread man so much, I made another set of tags:

Keep in mind that my blade is very, very dull and I still got a pretty clean cut. I still have some little paper Chads (like that?) to clean up, but that will be easy to do. That is a six month old blade right there, with tons of use. Those KNK blades LAST.

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26 thoughts on “{Last minute gift ideas…

  1. I was planning on getting that set, and woohoo, Lettering Delights is having $ days so they are all on sale. Your awesome tags have me so inspired! Thanks!

    • They are fun to make! I can’t wait to see what you do. I end up breaking all the pieces into colors on separate pages in MTC and then duplicate so I’m able to make 9 tags at a time. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful idea! Great job. I so need tags for my packages this year. Youa re ahead of me since I haven’t started wrapping.

    • I learned to wrap as I go from past experience. Not only that, I only have so many hiding places from my punks, so if it’s wrapped and under the tree, then I don’t have to worry anymore. 🙂

  3. AAahhh!!! I’m splitting my sides laughing here!!! I keep scrolling back to the pic of your doggie and his “innocent until proven guilty” eyes….hahahaha. guilty. so funny!!!
    Anyhow…as always, a great story. And now you will have plenty of tags for next year…I mean, really, they’re already labeled, why waste the tape on these presents??? hehehe…super project Deb! :o)

    • I gave every last one of them away. I ended up making 5 tag wallets and by the time they were all filled, the tags were gone. Thanks for reading!!

  4. LOL Awesome post, Deb. Funny — before I started reading, I glanced at the photos after reading the title. I thought you were trying to give your dog away as a last minute Christmas gift! 😛 Then I saw the ripped open box. A connection was made.

    Thanks for the Share!

    • Don’t give me any ideas. Out of the 4 dogs, Daisy, aka Marshmallow, is the naughtiest. That girl is getting coal in her stocking this year. I think my kids would kill me if I gave her away.

  5. Sad to admit, my packages are also labeled with sharpie on the wrapping paper, but I have a trademark elf I draw in the dof of the I of everyone’s name and the A for my DH. Even though my children no longer believe in Santa, they insist that I still do this.

    That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

  6. You had me in infomercial mode until the dog. At that point I disintegrated into fits of laughter—only because I am in the same situation with my cat! (My dog is afraid of the tree!). I love your tags! Thanks for sharing such a real story!

  7. Those all turned out great! I really enjoyed your post. You are an awesome writer. If you have a blog, I’d love to read more. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great post, Deb. I loved the tag ideas and the wallet. I’ll bet the neighbors were glad to get these before Christmas. I am usually searching high and low looking for the left over tags with no idea where I put them. This is much less stressful unless you can’t remember where your Christmas cutting paper is.

  9. I am being nosy and I would like to ask you what u did with all them tags. U sure didn’t put them on presents I see. Haha. Love the Gingerbread man. He is just too darling.

  10. Yeah. My cats found some different types of candied bacon I was gifting to a coworker, and our presents aren’t going under our tree to the last minute b/c I KNOW there won’t be any bows and lots of tooth marks in all the gifts.LOL. Great tags! I love the wallet…good way to keep extra tags for future use!

  11. love your idea and just getting an early start…Love the wallet and think this would make a great gift as well.

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