Chipboard from KNK USA Adds Dimension to any Craft Project – Free File


With Klic-N-Kut chipboard, you can add dimension to any of your crafting projects. Our chipboard is thick enough to create rigid shapes and embellishments and can be cut on all Klic-N-Kut machines, and most other computerized cutting systems.


Completed Product Post


The KNK Chipboard is really simple to cut with any cutting Machine. I used my KNK Groove-E.


Cutting Machine

KNK Studio    Or    MTC


White Glue

Glue gun

Glittered Tulle


White Fabric Or any color you like




Blue Cap

V= 150

F= 55

Passes= 2



1.  I traced a Christmas ornament in KNK Studio.

2.  Then, I sized the images to make two different projects. One is miniature for a scrapbook and the other a regular size. Both cut very clean and neat.

Completed PP Materials   3. After cutting out my shapes, I used white glue to glue the batting to the chipboard to make the project more dimensional.

Completed PP Step

4. Then, I took the white fabric and glued it with the glue gun and then glued the glittered tulle on top of the white fabric.

  Completed PP Step2

 5. After I covered the chipboard with the fabrics, I covered the back of the chipboard with cardstock to make the backside of the ornament neat and clean.

Completed PP back

6. Finally, make a Bow with ribbon to give that special touch.

Note: I cut the same ornament in miniature shape so you can see that the KNK Chipboard is very easy to cut with a cutting machine. You can add the miniature ornament to any scrapbook project.

Completed PP Miniature


I hope you can use the files to make your own Christmas decoration. With KNK everything is possible, just put your imagination.

 Ornament Files




22 thoughts on “Chipboard from KNK USA Adds Dimension to any Craft Project – Free File

  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing. I don’t see a link for the files, however. Did I mis-read entry?

  2. Cuteness all the way! Once I receive the tables for my Maxx Air, I will be working on Christmas ornaments as well, Thanks for the ideas!!!!

  3. Great ideas, Omayra!!! And beautifully done! I am sure your decorations will be enjoyed for many years to come.

  4. What a good use for chipboard Omayra. I cut chipboard for the first time a couple of months ago. Then I wondered why I hadn’t tried it sooner as it cut beautifully! But I would not have thought of using the batting and fabric over it. Thank you!

  5. So sweet…especially seeing I have a stash of chipboard waiting for a project. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I was lucky enough to have received a few sheets of this chipboard free, with the purchase of my Maxx Air. Now I’m just waiting to receive my tables, Soon I will be cutting out ornaments with my granddaughter! 🙂

  7. Oh thank you! I left the page, reloaded it, re-read it all, and still couldn’t see the link until just now. I totally missed it the first few times but got ’em now! Thanks again

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