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As I was getting ready to make gifts for Christmas last year, I decided that my 15″ KNK Maxx Air could help me by making a template to mark sewing lines on fabric.  I had previously purchased some styrene from a local hardware store knowing that some day I was going to need it for something.  And I did!

This is the template I cut from the styrene.


Materials Used:

Styrene  – 0.50 mm thick

Blue Painter’s Tape


15″ KNK Maxx Air

Thick Materials Blade (Blue Cap)

Force – 140,  Speed – 55,  2 Passes, Blade Height – 25 PIN


Earlier last year I had been given a very useful gift of a microwave bowl potholder.  It looks like a padded fabric bowl into which you set a bowl of whatever you are heating in the microwave.  When you removing the hot bowl and contents from the microwave, you don’t burn your fingers because they are protected by the potholder.  These pictures show empty microwave bowl potholders and one with a bowl in a microwave.



The lines could have been drawn using a ruler but that would require doing measurements for each potholder and, in fact, doing the measurements twice for each potholder since each layer of the potholder was stitched prior to it being assembled.  I had decided that I wanted to make these as neighbor gifts, as well as gifts for friends and relatives so my list added up to about 35 potholders.  Way too many to be measuring and marking individually.

Using my KNK Studio software I created a file of the lines that I needed to mark.  I segmented the lines so when I cut my template it didn’t fall apart but was more like a stencil.


Then I placed the sheet of styrene on a very sticky mat, taped the edges down with blue painter’s tape and cut my template using the setting listed above.  The styrene actually cuts very easily but because of the thickness, two passes were required to cut all of the way through.

It saved me a lot of time to be able to make this template.  I ended up making 37 potholders for our own gifts.  The templates (I actually made two of them) were also used at my favorite sewing machine dealer’s store on their customer appreciation day so customers could create their own microwave bowl potholder as a Make-N-Take project.

There is no end to the things that we can create on our KNK Cutters that can make our lives easier and more productive.

9 thoughts on “KNK Maxx – My Template Maker

  1. Judy,
    for us sewing challenged people can you put directions on how you did this? LOL I need to live closer to you so you can just be my daily mentor LOL 🙂 I love everything you do! You and Lynn and all the gals that post are so inspiring! Now just to find more time! UGH
    love hugs and prayers

  2. That is a great idea! I’ve put them on my to-do list, but not sure what materials should be used for microwaving.

  3. These are quite popular right now. I love how you made it a bit easier with such a creative idea. Again Judy you amaze me!

  4. I think I need to learn how to make some of these! Love this idea! And now that I have a Maxx Air and a Zing Air. I really need to put them to further use, as well as my sewing machines!

  5. Great application for the styrene, Judy. I’m sure that template saved you a lot of time. Thanks for sharing…and inspiring!

  6. Judy…awesome project! I love that bowl…I need one, I pop my popcorn in the microwave and the bowl gets very, very hot! Good on a cold winter’s night to warm the lap, but the tea towel is not very elegant, LOL!! You are so creative!!

  7. Judy, my mom has one of these and it is so nice. She uses it for things hot out of the microwave. I was just asking my sister if she could duplicate it for my niece who uses a potholder when eating her bowl of cold ice cream. I thought this would be a “cuter” option. I will share the template with my sister…thanks so much!

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