KNK in the classroom

Okay, so it’s not the 3D printer, which is so much cooler. And I want one…

I am teaching 2nd grade this year. They are a fun little bunch. They keep me on my toes, but they are very smart. Here are some ways I used my KNK in the classroom:


Front door. I cut the letters out of the birthday stack from DCWV.


I bought this cute chalkboard apple and decorated it with white vinyl. It makes a cute decoration for my room (and it would make a great gift for any teachers in your life). 20140918-IMG_1622

I used a cute school paper for this. I realize it’s a little busy on my crayon background, but my class is a little busy, so it fits.


I labeled all my guided reading tubs with vinyl letters. Yea, I notice Bill, the level J book is in the H box too.

20140918-IMG_1620 20140918-IMG_1619 These are frames from dollar tree. I put some cute scrapbook paper in the back and put some vinyl letters on the front. I use dry erase pens and they erase easily. In the science frame, the glass broke, so I just stuck a piece of acetate in there and you can’t tell the difference between the others, where I didn’t break the glass. I originally saw this on Pinterest, but people use them as menu boards or note boards at home. I thought of a lot of neat uses for them. For example, you could put them on your child’s door, personalized with his/her name and write them notes…or even just say, “Clean this messy room.”

Anyway, hope you have some ideas. It’s been a little quiet around here. I’m starting to think I smell bad and scared you all away.


KNK Maxx 24″ for white vinyl

KNK Zing for card stock



DCWV cardstock 12×12 stacks, the school one and the birthday one



10 thoughts on “KNK in the classroom

  1. I absolutely love this stuff! What an awesome job. My favorite little boy in the whole world is in second grade. I love the bright colors and the fonts. :~)

  2. I’m pleased to see your successes. Did you attend classes? I can’t find someone in South Africa to help me understand how the force and velocity for different paper thickness let alone the correct blade…. well done

    • It’s a lot of trial and error. I have two machines and I leave the Maxx set up strictly for vinyl and the Zing for card stock. In Sandy’s user manual, she has a chart to use.

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