KNK and the classroom


So I’m back in 2nd grade again and I had some time to make some much needed stuff for my classroom. I used my KNK Maxx 24″, black vinyl, transfer tape and my trusty old credit card to apply the letters.


The pencil cups were 3/$1 and I put some letter washi tape at the top and then put the table number in the middle. I also put the larger numbers on the table. Another cool thing (you can’t see in the picture) is I put smaller letters (A,B,C,D) and I use the letters to call students for different tasks. For example, I might say, “If you’re a D, come get the markers for your table.” It’s an easy way to delegate different tasks and give everyone the opportunity to help. File Sep 17, 3 35 24 PM


For this, I used electrical tape, washi tape and vinyl for the letters. It is a display white board in my room that I use to write down my lessons and objectives. File Sep 17, 3 35 45 PM

Of course, I needed to put my name on the door: File Sep 17, 3 34 55 PM

These pencil cans are just old coffee cans I wrapped with red duct tape, washi tape and put vinyl letters on. File Sep 17, 3 34 37 PM

I bought these clipboards at Dollar tree and put each student’s number below. It’s an easy and quick way to display their work. I eventually want to make something fancy with their pictures to cover the clip, but I haven’t figured out what yet. File Sep 17, 3 35 09 PM I also used these same numbers to mark their backpack hooks outside so they each have a specific hook to use.

My settings were:

f- 30, S- 250

Go figure, still using the SAME blade I put in over a year ago because I only use my Maxx for vinyl. The blade still cuts the material like butter.

Thanks for looking! Stay classy KNK-ers!

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