Keep Calm and Grinch on…


Yep. That’s me on the left. I am usually behind the camera, but I was asked to take Santa pictures for the students at our school. I took around 500 pictures, so at the end, I had someone take one of me. Santa said I’m getting coal this year.

See that cool green shirt I’m wearing? My hair is in the way, but it was the inspiration for this month’s project. Back in January, I did a post of Keep Calm stuff and even threw a file in there somewhere.

Well, after a perusal through Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store, I came up with a couple gifts that I think are pretty cool (and my wallet liked it too!)



It’s a plastic plate, plain and boring, decorated with some white vinyl. The grinch is the base file from the Grinch in the MTC gallery. I think if I had some red vinyl, I would have gone ahead and cut the hat piece. But I don’t have any. Imagination is a good thing.

Let me digress a minute. Have you been to the MTC gallery? I think I’ve had the software about 3 years now and I may have opened it when I first got it, but then kind of forgot about it. For all the free stuff you get there, the software pays for itself about ten times over. If you aren’t using MTC, I highly encourage you to give it a roll. I don’t even use KNK Studio anymore. One of these days I need to convert all my files over. I’m hoping Andy will eventually add an import function because it would be easier than opening the file in Studio and then copy and pasting it. I’m LAZY people! I want things EASY!


I liked the first picture because I had the cute little decoration behind it, but this one shows the true color of the plate a little better. But wait. There’s more.

(said in my best Infomercial voice)


I also bought a couple red plates and made this one. Again, pulled the image out of the MTC gallery.



Here they are, posing together. Dollar Tree had other colored plates like pink and blue so I was thinking Spring or new baby or anything your heart desires.

But wait. There’s STILL more.

I work with the most awesome team of ladies ever. I wanted to do a little something for them and came up with these:





Also scored these at the 99 cent store. I love that place!!!

Close up of the front:


And I personalized the back for each teacher:



I’m showing you Mrs. E’s cup to protect the names of the innocent because we call her that instead of her full last name. The rest of them have their full last names.

I tied a ribbon on top and added a little tag (I used a reindeer die in my Fiskars Fuse because it has that cool embossing folder with it):

20131216-IMG_1919 20131216-IMG_1921


Materials Used:

KNK Maxx 24″

MTC (it’s on sale!!!) (Slight joke. It’s been on sale since I bought it a few years ago. But it’s worth it at the regular price too)

White vinyl

red blade


V – 150 (slowed it down for the thin text, but I’m sure I could bump it up)

f – 30


Cut vinyl. Stick it on stuff. Hope that it’s on there straight.

Have a happy whatever you celebrate! See you next year.

Stay Classy, KNKers! (Certain movie lovers will get it)





8 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Grinch on…

  1. Nice gifts!! Good Job. Vinyl is such an easy medium to work with. The MTC gallery has some good stuff.

  2. You’ve been busy, busy, busy! And I agree … the MTC gallery is a terrific resource.
    Good job!

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