{Keep Calm and Zing on…

Have you seen those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters? If not, you might be living under a rock. Just kidding. Maybe.

This month I did a little variation of that:



I could give you some history of the Keep Calm and Carry On posters, but I won’t. I will tell you the font is free here:



You gotta buy it if you want all the little extras, but I just used that free medium version and had some fun:


20130116-IMG_8002 20130116-IMG_8004 20130116-IMG_8003 20130116-IMG_8001 20130116-IMG_8000 20130116-IMG_7999 20130116-IMG_7998

I used Good ole KNK Maxx 24 for the white vinyl, which I got here. Just so you can see how well the KNK machines do with vinyl lettering, the lettering size on the word “AND” is quarter inch. I’m sure it can do smaller. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to weed anything smaller. With a new blade and the right depth and force, the machine cuts it like butter. I put a rectangle around the words and even though it wastes a little vinyl, I’m able to weed it easily. I also did that in case I want to reverse weed the letters and etch them onto glass or something.

Except for the paper on the teacher card, I got the colored card stock here

The white, kraft, and red from the teacher card came from Joann, whatever their version of paper is.

I originally tried to make this as a print and cut, but can you see how much ink it would use??? It was super simple to cut out on vinyl, weed, pre-mask and stick on the card. I goofed the bicycle card a little bit because I accidentally grabbed masking tape instead of pre mask. Don’t do that.

I got all the little symbols on the top by googling free svg of whatever I was looking for. I don’t think I’m stepping on copyright toes giving my file away as I’m not selling them and neither are you, so it’s all good, right?

And you can use my file as a basis to make any saying you want, like “Keep Calm and Zing ON.” Or something like that.


The .mtc file for these are in my box account (with a couple added surprises not shown here), so go here if you want it. I also fixed a couple things in the file, like Cookie Monster’s eyes and I changed the cupcake one to “eat a cupcake.”

Until next month!

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By day, a teacher. By night, a geeky crafter. I have one hubby, 2 kids, and 4 dogs. I like to take pictures and like it even more when they don't suck. I use a KNK Maxx 24" machine, a Zing, and a Cameo.

21 thoughts on “{Keep Calm and Zing on…

  1. Love these clever posters. I liked all the sayings and icons you used. I especially liked the variety of colors. Thanks for sharing the font and your file. I appreciate it.

  2. I will have to research the story behind the Keep Calm and…. phenomena as I don’t know it. The sayings are clever and attractive. I just bought a bunch of the Cutmates and can hardly wait to use them in my new machine.

  3. Thank you so much for the great idea and for sharing your file. My mind is already racing with other ideas.

  4. LOVE them!!! Especially the crafting and cupcake. My granddaughter love to make cupcakes. I’ll have to make one for her. Maybe in a frame for her wall. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I have not cut vinyl yet and have been afraid to do so. I do think I am going to have to try it though. Thanks for the font and the idea.

    • I didn’t find vinyl as hard as I thought it would be. It just like cutting paper, but you have to work through the trial and error period. Have fun!

  6. I understand that the Keep Calm posters were printed in the second world war. I believe they were to be distributed if Hitler won and became the new leader of Britain.
    They came to light in a dark and dusty back room and someone distributed some. Since then there has been a Keep Calm created for pretty much everything.

  7. thanks, cute ideas. Getting tired of seeing them everywhere, but now I just might make some. thanks!

  8. Very clever, Deb!!! It must have been fun thinking up all of the variations. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh how cute, never ever thought to do these as cards, always just printed out and put in frames to put on mantels, etc….way cute. Thanks for the idea!!!!

  10. We have one of the original posters hanging in our kitchen 😛 These cards are very very cool. Thanks for sharing, Deb!

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