Just when you thought Christmas was over…

I bought some ornaments last year on after Christmas clearance. Some were clear and some frosted. I tried the pledge and glitter trick on one and wasn’t thrilled. It was an uglier version of what a store-bought glitter ornament would look like.

Then I tried alcohol ink on a clear ornament. That turned out better but was plain.So when I decided to make personalized ornaments.  I used one of the alcohol ink ornaments that I had made as a base. The H on the ornament it CentB font, Harper is PC Dazzle as is the back of the ornament. I like PC Dazzle because it cuts well at any size and weeds well. With the ” H”  I scored all of the edges with my exacto knife prior to removing it from the backing. This helped it lay flat on the round ornament.










So that worked for the girls, but what about the boys? Gavin would not like purple. So I made this ornament for him. I stole his face from a My Scrap Chick file.

















And then, because I had seen an ornament on-line and said “I can make that” (ask my family how often I say that) I made this Hello Kitty ornament.








All of the ornaments were made by cutting vinyl on my wonderful KNK Maxx. The first two are made with Oracal 631 and the Hello Kitty is Oracal 651 only because I wanted the glossy finish. The vinyl is available at www.knkusa.com.

So, go get those clearance ornaments before they are gone and for about 25 cents you can make some great personalized ornaments for the little ones in your life.

23 thoughts on “Just when you thought Christmas was over…

  1. What beautiful, Nancy. I like it so much and for me Christmas is not over yet, lol For me Christmas is over in January 6th because we celebrate the Three Kings Day. Still in my house we have the Christmas decoration until January 6. But I love Christmas ornaments.

  2. You are right, the Feast of the Epiphany is the traditional day for Christmas to end. :O) Only the retailers have moved on to Valentine’s Day.

  3. Wow these look really nice! My wife loves Hello Kitty, so this would go over famously with with her 😛

  4. Wow, love them! I especially like the pink one that says “Harper”. I’ve tried the alcohol inks and didn’t have great success with them, yours looks awesome!

    • I had already decided that I am going to make ornaments for teachers, mailman, neighbors, and everyuone that you give the small thank you gift too next year but now you also made it extremely easy! Thanks for sharing and thank you Team KNK for always giving me ideas!

  5. It is still Christmas at my house too! In fact, I traditionally gift my family with something small on Epiphany. I like the ornaments alot! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love these! I did ornaments lasy Christmas, but love the Hello Kitty one. I have a niece that’s really into Hello Kitty. Maybe she’ll get one for her birthday sicne it doesn’t look like Christmas. And I love the way the alcohol inks worked!

  7. Nancy, these turned out great!! I can see lots of crafts shows in your future!! 🙂

  8. love your ornies. especially love the alcohol ink one. have them but not done much with them. guess it’s time I dug them out! thanks for sharing.

  9. Chad, if that ornament is glass. you can also do either an etching or a reverse etch of a design on it. Reverse etch, if I remember correctly, you make your stencil for a Christmas scene, or holiday saying, and instead of putting the stencil part on, put the individual parts on (I.e. Ho Ho Ho you’d put the actual letters on), then put etching cream over the entire ornament. When done, the Ho Ho Ho would be clear glass, and the rest is frosted looking. This coming from the worlds sloppiest etcher! LOL. These are great…so BIG too!

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