Jeans Embellishment

Pant, KNK, Vinyl

I wanted to make pants that match our T-shirts (from my last post). So I decided to put the same butterfly that our T-shirts have onto our pants and embellish it with some rhinestones. The final project looks very awesome thanks to our KNK Groove-e. And thanks to Sandy for teach me how to love my KNK. I LOVE MY KNK!

This is a really easy project to do.

Materials Used:



    • Design your project in KNK Studio or MTC. My butterfly is a design directly from the MTC software.
    • Insert the Red Cap Blade.
    • Set the Force of the machine to 20 and the Speed to 100.
    • After it is cut, clean your design and iron onto your Jean.

To iron on the vinyl onto the jeans I used a heat press. The setting use with my heat press was: 170 Celsius (my machine use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit) and 22 seconds. If your heat press use Fahrenheit then your setting is going to be 330 to 335. When you go to at the end of the Iron material that you choose, they have the setting and recommendation that you need for the specific material. It is VERY HELPFUL.

This is an example of the Setting that you will see when you go to buy the Iron On Materials.


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