Buffalo in the Badlands

In July 2005, my daughter and I visited my sister in South Dakota. My sister took us to the Badlands to see the sunset, but we got to see much more than we bargained for. It was quite the night!!!

My layout below is a very calm representation of the herd of buffalo we got stuck in that afternoon.

IMG_3389 IMG_3390 IMG_3391 IMG_3393 If you would like to hear the whole story, see how eerie it was and learn how I made the pieces for my project, please watch my video on this adventure on my YouTube channel. While you’re there, please subscribe to my channel. I plan to post Freestyle Friday videos every Friday and others as interesting things come up.

If you would like to download my cutting files for this project, there is a long on my ScrappyDIVA blog.

Buffalo in the Badlands video

14 thoughts on “Buffalo in the Badlands

  1. Been there, done that…well not quite that bad but have definitely been in the middle of a buffalo herd….they are ginormous….glad they kept on munching and that you got to your destination safely.

  2. A great way to memorialize this adventure you had! I can understand why you were
    glad to be home. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Loved the layout. Since I’m from ND where we also have Badlands, I can honestly say you haven’t lived until you have been in a herd of buffalo. It is truly a frightening feeling especially when two bulls get to fighting. Even on a horse, you might not feel very safe.
    Loved the layout and thanks for sharing the files.

  4. Great layout! Being stuck in a herd of buffalo sounds scary! Reminds me of the time I was in an emu pen with on of my friends, years ago. Also quite “eerie” feeling!

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