{It’s Mother’s Day Somewhere…

Okay, maybe not. I know. It was LAST week. And my post day is this week.


These trays were released from Lettering Delights last week and I knew I wanted to make one. Before I get into it, check out that Mother’s Day title. I got that free. I’m not affiliated with anyone except KNK USA and all I do for them is pester you once a month with crap, er, stuff, I make with my KNK machines. And yes, I have two.

So if you go to this site every day, she will give you something free! Otherwise, you pay 50 cents for it, which is not a bad thing. I’ve been collecting her freebies for awhile and when this one came out, I knew I had to give it a try! Guess what? They cut really nice, especially on that worldwin cut mates card stock. You also get a .png and a .jpg of the graphic if you want to do a print and cut. Her style reminds me of Lettering Delights and you know how I love their stuff.


Back to the Lettering Delights Tray. I cut it using two sided paper so one side doesn’t have to be boring white. I don’t like how that corner folds and I meant to trim that at the top, but didn’t. 20130514-IMG_9013


This flower vase file came from Nancy at this site. Again, no affiliation. But her files only cost 99 cents. I do wish these included score lines, but for under a buck, I’m not complaining, especially since I know how to draw them pretty easily in MTC.

In her directions (which are written quite well and include pictures! Which is how I like it!), Nancy says to paint a dowel the color you want the stem to be. I just used that green floral tape on a skewer and that worked just as good.

I couldn’t find my glue to put the tulips together, so I used glue dots. I shy away from the glue gun. I still have the huge burn scar on my hand from the advent calendar I made for my Christmas post awhile back. 20130514-IMG_9012 20130514-IMG_9018

I thought that this set needed a set of shaped cards, so I took the flower from the Mother’s Day title and made it into a set of 4.25 x 5.5″ cards. I think that is close to A4 size cards, but I don’t really know. 20130514-IMG_9015

You know me and my foam tape. I like my cards to have dimension. And texture as I used my embossing folders for the leaves and the center of the flower. I tend to not stamp anything inside until I need the card. Which is a shame because I’m pretty sure I have a million rubber stamps. Okay, maybe not, but who really needs an entire drawer with different stamps saying THANKS? Apparently I do because I have one. I have a drawer of Happy Birthday stamps too. 20130514-IMG_9016

Now I’m just goofing around. I put lemons in the tray. I don’t think the tray could have withstood the weight if I picked it up, but while I was taking pictures, I noticed a few lemons falling off our tree, so there ya go. We have a lemon tree that produces lemons year around. We give them away by the bagful. Or throw them in the neighbor’s yard. Yes, we do this and they like it. Except one neighbor’s four year old thinks it’s a game and throws them back into our yard. 20130514-IMG_9019

Oooh. Apple blossoms. Maybe we will get some apples this year. 20130514-IMG_9020

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed adult ADHD. I have about a twenty minute attention span. I think that’s why I like putting together this stuff, even though it gets monotonous putting together the same cards (I always cut multiple of a card I’m making to save paper and save my brain from coming up with ideas). I call it my therapy. I’m pretty sure that without my KNK hobby, there’s a good chance I’d have to be locked up. 20130514-IMG_9010

Well, before I get this off track any more, I hope you found some Spring ideas or birthday ideas with this post. At least lie to me and say you did.

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By day, a teacher. By night, a geeky crafter. I have one hubby, 2 kids, and 4 dogs. I like to take pictures and like it even more when they don't suck. I use a KNK Maxx 24" machine, a Zing, and a Cameo.

24 thoughts on “{It’s Mother’s Day Somewhere…

  1. OMG! You must be my kindred spirit! I love your ideas and your adult onset ADD. I have it too. Maybe it comes from teaching and having to do 20 million things at once. Who knows. Loved your ideas and the fact that you too must collect these wonderful yet inexpensive cut files from here there and every where. They put other more limited systems to shame. Yay for MTC and KNK. (OK, I haven’t got the KNK yet, but have moved up to Cameo from a more limiting system.
    Thank you so much.
    P.S. I am hoping we too have apples this year. We had one apple out of seven trees last year.

  2. Oh, yes, definite ADD. I have it too. By the way, I have been wanting to ask you which vinyl you use for your projects? I only have a Pazzles.

  3. Very cute! I wouldn’t mind being your neighbor. I’d be happy to see your luscious lemons come flying into my yard. Lemon pie, lemon cookies, lemon cake, lemon iced tea … oh my!

  4. Great project. I love the tray. Going to have to give that a try. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love reading your posts as much as the wonderful files and tips you include in them! These are all gorgeous (no lie, ha ha). I will share a little tip for you, you can use ink pens or pencils for your flowers, wrap them with the floral tape same way you wrapped the skewers and they make a great teacher or grandmother gift. Thanks again for a great post! ~Diane

  6. Those are adorable projects, Deb! It would be really easy to change the tray to Happy Birthday, Welcome to the Neighborhood, Get Well, Soon… whatever would be suitable. Thanks for another great post.

  7. Great projects. Love the coors. The vase is such a great gift. Especially for my mother-in-law in the nursing home who wouldn’t remember to water real flowers. Thanks so much for the places to get the files too. Always good to have a lot of file sources.

  8. oh i am soooooo glad to hear that there are others just like me…lol…i have high functioning asd which is i suppose similar….and i do know about going from one thing to another but sometimes it is a good thing…we get to try lots of new things…lol
    now for your post…..i loved it and loved your ramblings immensely….loved your idea for the cards to match….well done!!

  9. So lovely, so fresh and new! I love this project, would luv to make this!!

  10. Totally awesome! I bet your mom was thrilled. I adopted an elephant for my mom for Mother’s Day. I bet she would have liked this better.

  11. I love the tray and Ms Kate sells on SA web site too. Her files are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Fantastic 3D fun! I’m a huge fan of your photography skills. 🙂 BTW: I believe the average person has an 18 minute attention span. 😛

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