Fun Foam Storks



It is unbelievable the tons of Great Projects that you can create with your KNK without the need of any cartridges. The only thing that you need is your KNK machine, your computer and your imagination.

These beautiful storks were created with my terrific KNK Groove-E (force setting: 25, speed 150, blue capped blade). They were cut from fun foam and an empty plastic container, great idea for recycling. I cut the parts of the stork twice so you can glue them and stuff it to make it 3D.










Or you could use these as Gift Baskets

The pattern file for the stork is downloadable at these links:

Click to access Stork1.pdf

18 thoughts on “Fun Foam Storks

  1. Awesome! You’ve really found a great way to make these storks as a plushy. Thanks, Omayra!

  2. I don’t think I would have ever thought of making 3D projects on the Klic-N-Kut, using fun foam. Your designs amaze me, as well as inspire me to consider fun foam projects. These baskets are just great!

    • Thank you LynnK, I am pretty sure that once you try to cut fun foam materials, you will love it. It is really easy to cut and fun.

  3. Thank you so much Chad and Sandy!!!!
    I LOVE SOOOOO MUCHHH MY KNK, thanks to Sandy that supported me a lot. THANK YOU SANDY. I never forget your words, “I will teach you to love your knk” and you were correct. Thank you!!!!

  4. Amazing, Omayara!!! Both you and your projects. How very clever and cute!! What kind of adhesive do you use to stick the foam pieces together?? Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are so creative. I have a shower this Saturday. If I had more than 2 free minutes between now and then I would attempt this. I am amazed at your ingenuity.

  6. Going to try one of these tonight! They are so creative. Thanks for sharing and wish me luck! You inspired me.

    • Good luck Barbie and thank you. E-mail me if I can help you with something. That is really easy and fun to do it.

  7. THANK YOU!!! SOOOOO CUTE!! I saved this file hoping to someday have another grandchild and I
    can use it!! 🙂

  8. Omayra-
    these are so precious. do you sell them on Etsy? I bet they would go like hotcakes.

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