It is Good to be Queen

Many times I have heard my nephew’s wife say, “It is good to be queen”.  As I was downloading images from a site named  I found an image of Queen Victoria dressed in all of her regal splendor and that phrase popped into my head.  Since my nephew’s wife’s birthday was approaching, I decided that the image and the phrase would be a good starting point for a card.  I downloaded the image and used the pixel trace feature of the Make the Cut software to create a texturized image.  Using that image I created a shadow layer for the queen.  The phrase “It is good to be Queen” was to go on the front of the card with the queen’s image.  Inside the card, I wanted the phrase “It is better to be YOU” and “Happy Birthday”.  I also wanted a photo of my nephew’s wife close to the word “YOU”.  This is the front of the finished card.

The card is 5 1/2″ square.  The base which measured 5 1/2″ x 11″ was cut from ivory colored card stock and folded in the center.  A 5 1/2″ square of gold foil card stock was cut and glued to the front of the folded card with the fold on the left side.  A 5″ square of patterned paper was cut and glued to the center of the front of the card.  The word panel, it’s shadow layer, the queen’s image and her shadow layer were also glued to the front of the card.  The words were cut from Oracal 631 vinyl which can be purchased from KNKUSA. 

Since the queen’s image was framed by a shadow layer, I wanted my nephew’s wife’s image to be framed also.  I used a built in shape of one of the hearts in the Make the Cut software, added her picture as a texture layer and then made two shadow layers for the heart.  One of the same patterned paper that is on the front of the card and a second one from black card stock.  “Happy Birthday” and “It is better to be YOU” were cut from the Oracal 631 vinyl.  The picture, shadow layers, and words were arranged on the inside of the card.

The queen’s image and my nephew’s wife’s pictures were cut on my KNK Maxx using the print-n-cut feature of the Make the Cut software.

In order to give credit where credit was due and to let my nephew’s wife know that it was a picture of a “real” queen on the front of the card, I printed a little blurb on some of the patterned paper, cut it out, shaped the ends with a paper punch and glued it to the back of the card.

Then to complete the package I cut an envelope from the ivory card stock and made a liner for the envelope out of the patterned paper.


The font for “Happy Birthday” is Santa’s Sleigh Full Bold.  The font for the other words is Burton’s Nightmare.  Files for the words, the word panel and it’s shadow layer, the envelope and the envelope liner can be downloaded from the link below:

Good to Be Queen Cutting File in KNK, MTC, PDF, and SVG Formats


12 thoughts on “It is Good to be Queen

  1. The stamp on the back says it all…it has to be made with love to put that much work into a card. Beautiful!

  2. Wow, beautiful card! The time and effort you put into this definitely shows! Thanks for the share, Judy!

  3. There is nothing better than to receive a card that is known to be made ‘especially for you’. I’m sure that is the way your nephew’s wife must have felt when she received it. You did a great job. I love all the personal touches and appreciate all the thought you put into designing it. Isn’t it special that our KNK makes it possible to bring our creative thoughts to life? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Look at those regal colors!!! I always love seeing an envelope with a pretty liner…it such a nice touch to a pretty card! TFS Judy!

    • Wow! What a special card you have made. I’m sure it was a hit with your nephew’s wife! I love the way the KNK gives such opportunities of creativeness.

  5. This card is so cool. I can relate to the saying because as a kid, I’d always tell my mother I was
    the Queen, and the Queen didn’t have to do menial chores. Boy was I wrong. It used to infuriate my mother when I’d say it. I really laughed when I saw this card as it brought back some good memories for me. Love all the creativity that went into this card. I especially love the sayings. Thanks for sharing it and for the files.

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