Iron-on Vinyl Makes a Splash!

Not in a literal sense, thank goodness! This weekend I participated in an annual chili cook-off that raises money for scholarships. My co-worker and chili competition partner, Mark, is a skilled cook and we came up with a chili recipe that we both agreed upon. I was quite excited about this event and asked Mark if he would wear a “team” apron. He gladly agreed as he said he is a messy cook.

Our department is “AMGT”, and Mark’s wife came up with the team name “A Mighty Good Tank o’chili”. It was a high of 42 Saturday so we were layered in shirts and jackets but our aprons still ‘flashed’.




  • Red-cap, standard blade
  • Force: 35 (Thermo-Flex) and 40 (DecoSparkle)
  • Speed: 300
  • Temperature: 330-335F (Thermo-Flex Plus) 300F (DecoSparkle)
  • Time: 17-20 seconds (Thermo-Flex Plus) 10-12 seconds (DecoSparkle)

I created my design in Make-the-Cut, and also cut it from MTC. AMGT was created using a free font called “Varsity”, and the ‘ighty’, ‘ood’, and ‘ank’ were created using another free font called “Mouse Memoirs”. The ‘o’chili’ was created using a standard windows font.

The first step was to measure the amount of space available on our aprons. Then I created a shape on my virtual mat to match it. I added my wording and arranged it as I wanted it to look on the apron. I added another page in MTC for the actual cutting as I wanted to reduce the amount of waste vinyl by putting my cut letters close together.

I cut out all of the letters while warming up the heat press. After weeding the design, I used transfer tape to adhere the lettering in position. I pressed on the ThermoFlex Plus and then the DecoSparkle due to the different heat and time requirements for each.


What you cannot see here is my lovely friend and assistant, Jessica, who helped me prepare and press the aprons as well as serve the chili – thank you, Jessica.

Oh, and by the way, our team took 2nd place in the chili cook-off – not bad for first-timers!

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