Clothing fit for a Queen (or a Princess) – Iron-on Vinyl and Rhinestone Designs with Free Files

Our daughter’s graduation creeps every so steadily toward us. All year she has been asking me to make her some personalized “wearables” with that theme. ‘Her’ project inspired me to make one of my own. Amazingly I was able to create both of these projects solely using scraps from past projects. I keep pieces as small as 2″ x 2″, because you just never know what you may be able to use. My system is simple, I use a rolling hanging file folder system and keep paper and vinyl scraps sorted by color.

Supplies used:

Deco Film Paint FX Iron On Material (Black, Champagne)
Iron-On Transfer (T-Shirt Vinyl) (Pink, Crimson)
Rhinestone Motif Rubber
Rhinestones (Crystal, Rose)
T-Shirt or Sweatshirt

I cut everything on my amaZING Zing, and used a piercing tool to weed.


Click on this photo to download the files.I added another version of the Princess file for grandmas.

I started out by creating the words, welding them, then adding the rhinestone fill. Where the rhinestone circles met the vinyl, I selected those circles and created a shadow (or outline). I then used boolean join to remove the shadow circles from the vinyl pattern.

Next, I cut the iron-on vinyl using the red-capped blade with a pressure of 24 and the rhinestone motif using the blue-capped blade with a pressure of 100. I love how this makes such a perfect pattern!
20130216_212845 I ironed the vinyl onto the T-Shirt first. Using the circles I’d cut out of the vinyl design, I was able to align my rhinestone pattern perfectly. Next, I applied the stones.20130217_100530sm She’s already wearing the T-Shirt to school today.20130217_101106sm 20130217_103009sm As I mentioned, this gave me an idea for myself. I’ve had a sweatshirt in my craft room for a few months – waiting for a purpose. I think it was always meant for this.PrincessQueen

I used the same process, applying the vinyl first and then the stones.
20130217_205201smAnd so you can see the shimmer from the Deco Film, I shot this photo at an angle.20130217_201818sm

It’s too bad i can’t wear it to work tomorrow, but I will surely wear it soon! (Probably when I take her jeans shopping over the weekend – lol!) Oooh, that gives me another idea – I need to put this design on a shopping bag too!

I hope this project inspires you to create. Enjoy.




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I am the proud mother of 2 grown children, waiting for grandchildren some day. I've been married to my best friend since 1988. I have been crafting since I was a girl - I can't even remember a time when I wasn't creating something, and I've tried nearly everything. I discovered KNK in 2009 and have loved the company and its products ever since. The machines are so versatile and enhance my own creativity. It is rare that I make something without my KNKs.

41 thoughts on “Clothing fit for a Queen (or a Princess) – Iron-on Vinyl and Rhinestone Designs with Free Files

  1. Love it and Am going to make it for a gift! I’m not sure what you meant about using the shadow to remove stones, couldn’t you just select break path then remove? Or am I confused? Thanks for the file and inspiration! I love it!
    Love higs and prayers

  2. Great job! Love the combo of vinyl and rhinestones. And I can’t wait to make my own “Queen” shirt. I too have a princess.

  3. Michele!
    What an awesome job!!! You have not only blessed your daughter with a stellar looking shirt, but you have created a super memory that will live forever in her heart!! What temps and times did you use with your iron on vinyl?
    I’m so very honored to be on Team KNK with you:) be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

    • I only have a regular iron so I set on the highest setting – one setting past cotton – wool I think. I’m so glad you are part of the team too!!!

  4. Dynamite, Michele! I am sure you could make many of these for her class mates as well at their mothers. The boys might not want a shirt but their moms might be interested if you changed the wording appropriately. Fantastic job! Thanks for the files.

    • I actually kept the original file with the lettering intact (SF Collegiate) so it can be made with the actual numbers inside the outline too. If anyone wants it, I can add it to the download. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. What a neat idea! I’ll have to come up with a project to use these techniques! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Oh, I hope you do find a project – I think I could make a different T-shirt and a different bag for every day of the week. LOL!

      • We have a “Girls Day” coming up soon with daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughters. A day of crafting! I’ll have to try and get them done in time for our “Spring Fling.”

  6. Wow Michelle, these are absolutely fabulous.. I would love to be able to use them but unfortunately my pazzles machine doesn’t work with MTC files. My daughter is at University in 2nd year so she still has 2 years to go but I’d love to create spomething like this for her. Great work Michelle.

    Hugs Michelle xx

  7. FABULOUS. I would love to have the Princess/Queen file too, Michele, or to know what the fonts were, and where you got the crown, etc? You just keep giving us such creative stuff and great ideas. Your daughter is lucky to have such a talented mom. Thanks for sharing. These were GREAT projects.

    • The Princess/Queen file should be in the zip along with the “Class of” file. I used the Keep Calm font for the black lettering, Olde English for Queen, and Fleurish Script for Princess. Thank you, Lynn, for your wonderful comments and feedback! I appreciate both so much!

      • Thanks so much for the file and for the font names. I am going to make our Goddaughter one of these shirts. We always call her the princess and me the Queen so will be just lots of fun.

  8. I love your post! Rhinestone shirts are just perfect for the graduate. I have two grand-daughters that think they are real princesses, so changing daughter to grand-daughter would be the best! Thanks so much!

  9. Double thanks to you – after all, you are the one who taught me how to create rhinestone templates!!! That font is Chopin Script – one of my faves.

    • I just came across this post while trying to research how to make rhinestone templates. Do you use Illustrator and if so, can you share the secret to making rhinestone templates?

  10. Love these, sure your daughter does too! Thanks for explaining the whole vinyl/rhinestone thing. I have been researching cutters and I keep running into references for rhinestones but I did not know you needed to do the vinyl first, this helps clear it up for me. ~Diane

  11. HUGE fan of your mixed media project! I like seeing rhinestones AND heat transfer. I think this is something a lot of folks fail to consider in their projects. The finished product is fantastic!

    Thanks Michele

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