Irish Claddagh-Heart Box

Gosh and begorrah my fellow Leprechans, its that magical time o’the year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Now, tis the wearin’ o’the green that brings you luck. If ya don’t, ye be gettin’ pinched all over, unless you’re likin’ that sort of thing, but that’s another suject best talked about while drinkin’ good Irish whisky…but I digress…where was I…ah, yes, St. Patty’s Day!!! Let the party begin with this lovely Claddagh-Heart Box honoring sweet Irish semtiment. The hands represent friendship; the heart is love and the crown mean loyalty. This Claddah-Heart box promises treasures of Irish gold! And that’s no blarney! Your guests will find this box charming and the treasure, magically delicious! So take a break from River dancing and enjoy this Irish treat with your guests!

15 thoughts on “Irish Claddagh-Heart Box

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  2. What a neat idea. Our daughter was born on March 16 so I love making it a St. Paddy’s birthday fun day. This box is ideal to put money in or a gold chocolate. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this! Is the file available?

    What a wonderful idea – it would be perfect to go with the claddagh etched goblet I made for my son and new DIL.

  4. Love this Irish box. I have a cat whose b’day is St. Patrick’s Day…his name is Blarney! This box would be good for his kitty treats,

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