InkJet Transfer Image with MTC

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This time I wanted to use my Groove-e to make a Print and Cut using Iron on Inkjet Transfer paper. This is a matching Blanket and Burp cloth for a Baby Shower. I have to say that I LOVE my cutter machine. You can make so many different items that can be very unique for any occasion. This project was a combination of my Groove-e cutting machine and my Sewing and Embroidery machine. The results: A LOVELY Gift for an adorable person.


  • MTC Software
  • Computer
  • Fabric
  • Inkjet Transfer Paper
  • Iron
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Stabilizer


  1. I searched the internet for a bear and saved it in my pictures. It is a JPEG file.
  2. Then I opened it in  MTC using the Pixel Trace Button. Pixel tracing will open your picture by default as you can see on the picture below.

Pixel Trace

3.  Then, I put a check mark to Texturize Path and Blackout Path so the program would bring my picture onto the map without any part of the interior. Then I changed the Resample Image to x2.0 times and the Treshold to 167 (you have to play a little bit with those numbers until you get the results that you like the most). And the image will look like the one in the picture below.

Pixel Trace Changes

4.  When you are 100% satisfied with your picture, then you will set your printer. You have to go to File ► Print Setup and select the printer that you are going to use and the orientation of your paper.

Print setup

5. Then go to File ► Print Option and mark the following options as they are explained in the manual.

Print Options

As you can see in the picture below, now you can see the paper on the mat as well as the Registrations Marks. So now you are ready to print your image


6. Once you have printed your image, click on the Cut Preview icon and check that the shape of your image is going to be cut. See Picture below (The picture below is on Lanscape)

Cut Preview

The picture below show a Portrait Print Preview

Print Preview Portait

7.  Now, Click on the Cut Project with… icon and change the Cut Type to Print and Cut. Check blade offset, force and speed before clicking Start.

Click Start

8. Then click Start and click Begin. 

9. Now, use the arrows to move the laser or in my case the pin tip to set the registration marks on your paper.

10. When the pin is aligned to the registration mark, click the button that is in the middle of the arrows and repeat this step with registration mark 2 and 3. When you finish with the third registration mark a banner will pop up.

11. Click OK to that banner and once your blade holder returns home your machine will cut a perfect image for you.

I LOVE how my machine cut the material, really clean and perfect.

12. My last step was to embroider her name on the blanket and “Dios te bendiga” which means “God Bless you”, and on her Burp Cloth her name and “La Bebé de Abuelo” that means “Grandpa’s Baby”.

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  1. Wonderful project! It turned out gorgeous and I love your detailed instructions!

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