I love tote bags and love to give…

I love tote bags and love to give them as gifts. I love using rhinestones for decorations, but vinyl is also easy.


For the NC State bag, I used a design I had done before and cut it from flocking material. I used Monogram KK font (free from daFont) for the letters, The State logo was from Varsity font. I get tote bags lots of places, but be sure they are canvas and don’t have plastic insides. That melts when you apply your monograms!

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    • Thanks Carol. Some I bought at Swoozies, before they went out of business. The large plain ones I got from Carolina Pottery, a large store that sells lots of different things.

    • There are canvas bags at Walmart…but be careful with the handles..they can melt. I had bought one, and took it to a t shirt shop to have them iron something on for me…the bag did great..but they had the handles inside their ironer and they half way started melting.

  1. Is this an iron on vinyl? I can’t imagine the vinyl I usually work with (outdoor window vinyl) staying on canvas well… Very cute ideas!

  2. Barbie, that is so Awesome!!! I like it. Those tote bags come with those dots or you did it? I love it!!!

    • Thanks Omayra! The dots came on the totes, not from me. I got theses at Swoozies before they closed their store in Raleigh.

  3. I love your tote bags, Barbie. And I’m fortunate to have one you made just for me. Thanks! Really like the polka dot ones.

  4. I love your tote bags and would love receiving one too. Time to use my Michaels or Joanne coupons!

  5. Barbie, thanks for sharing these. I love seeing your totes! Do you find any certain rhinestones stick on and stay on canvas better than others?

    • I always get my rhinestones from Chad. They work great. I do own a heat press which makes it easier to get even heat and pressure and learned to use a teflon cloth from JoAnn’s to protect the fabric.

  6. I am a proudddd owner of a Bag by Barbie. I just love it and get compliments on it whenever I use it. The bonus… Every time I look at it I think of Barbie and our time together at a KNK retreat. So fun.

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