Holy Explosion Batman!

Today I have a new project and free file!  My original intention was to make an explosion gift card holder box…but since Halloween will be here in a few days, I used a wallet sized photo instead.

I love how you can make this project out of just one sheet of printed paper and add additional die cut shapes if you like.  Once you cut the file, you will need to score where noted and embellish as you wish!

By simply having some 12 x 12 double sided paper on hand and your Klic N Kut ready to go…you will never be at a loss for a quick and clever presentation of a gift card!



The free file for this project is available at these links:

Explosion Box – KNK Format

Explosion Box – MTC Format

Explosion Box – PDF Format

Project Tips:

  • Score then fold as indicated on the cutting file.
  • Fold the Gift Card Sleeve in half and glue the flaps to the bottom of the box so that your photo or gift card will stand upright. 
  • The bats are cut in duplicates and their bodies glued together, but not the wings.  The wings fold outwards for dimension. 
  • The smaller bats are layered and glued to the interior flaps of the box.
  • The larger bats are layered and glued to the exterior lid of the box.  If you leave an opening on the very bottom point of the layered bats, you can fold the bat bottom in opposite directions so that they sit upright on the box top. 

View other samples of my work using my amazing Klic-N-Kut at my website:  www.masterscrapbookdesigns.com

Product List:

Bazzill – Spooky & Kooky Swarm of Bats [304007]

Bazzill Raven Cardstock [10-1081]

Bazzill Tangerine Blast Jewels [303318]

Bazzill Raven Pom Poms [302943]

Bazzill 1.5″ Primula Flowers [302551]

CTMH Black Ink [z2105]

CTMH  Halloween Stamp [D1381]

Stampendous Black Embossing Powder [EP111]

Google Eyes & [from designer’s personal stash]

22 thoughts on “Holy Explosion Batman!

  1. Gadzooks! This is (like all your designs) absolutely wonderful. Your creativity and design sense always amaze me.

  2. This is awesome! I love the googly eyes in the middle of the flowers – never would have thought to do that. Thank you for the files.

  3. My grandson loves bats! This would be a perfect surpise for him the next time he comes to the house! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Susan, I love the bats on the top of the box. I’m really getting into these explosion boxes. They are so cool.
    Loved the googly eyes. There is just something about them that really make a project stand out. Love, love, love Halloween. Thanks for sharing the files too.

  5. Love it! Would never have thought to ue googly eyes on the flowers, but it’s a cool effect. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is very cool, Susan. I love explosion boxes. This one with bats on top of the box is definitely thinking “outside” the box.

  7. I love explosion boxes too, and Halloween. I’m going to have to give this one a try. Nicely done!

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