Hold My Place

The store where I work has a “Frequent Shopper Reward” program that consists of 3 x 5 cards which are kept in boxes at the store.  The customer locates their card, the sales person records the appropriate dollar amount, and then the customer files the card back in the box.  The cards are kept in alphabetical sequence by the customer’s last name.  To keep the place for their card, the customer will usually stand the previous or the following card on end.  Or they could use one of the pieces of ratty torn cardboard that are in the box with the blank cards.

I decided that this was a great opportunity to use the versatility of my 15″ Maxx Air to make some place holders for these boxes. After considering several options, I decided that I wanted to make cards that were 4″ high by 5″ wide and that they should be laminated for durability.  I wanted them to look the same no matter if they were right side up or back to front.  I also wanted variety in the cards.  Here is what I ended up with.


Because they are laminated, the photo has some reflections in it.

Materials Used:

Various solid colored cardstocks

4″ x 6″ Laminating pouches


Machine:  15″ Maxx Air

Blade – Standard Materials Red Cap,  Force – 73 – 75, Speed – 75, Single Pass, PIN – 25

The cards are not quite as stiff as I would have liked them to be.  Perhaps if I had used a 5 mil pouch instead of a 3 mil one, they would be more rigid.  If they don’t hold up I can always make more.


4 thoughts on “Hold My Place

  1. Judy,
    Can you show us how these were used once you got them cut? I think these are just as cute as they can be. I love the variety and colors that you used.

  2. Judy, these look VERY familiar 🙂 Are you the Judy that works at S-C in CR? I’m looking forward to hearing more from KNK about their new machine coming out sometime near the end of the year. I’ve thought about a digital cutting machine for several years now and may finally get one based on your recommendation that says KNK beats the pants off other die cutters. If I get one, will you help train me? – Whizzy

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