Hodge Podge

I have so much fun with my KNK Maxx and I am lucky enough that I get to use it almost every day. My daughter’s sister in law and her husband just had their first baby. I saw a “birth announcement”  done in subway style and have always wanted to try it. I started with a plain white 12×12 canvas from Michaels. I used Navy Blue  Craft essential paint from Jo-anns. Next time I will try spray paint as I found it took 3 coats to get a decent coverage. Then I made a 12×12 square in KNK Studio, chose O @Gungsuhche font, and started filling in the square with all of the vital statistics. When I use 2 colors of vinyl I like to place rectangles in the file so that I can cut one color with the rectangles, then the second color with the rectangles and then when I am ready I just need to set one set of rectangles on top of the other and it is all line up perfectly.

This is what the file looked like with out the fill turned on.

This is what the finished product looks like and

here is the little muppet that inspired the canvas,isn’t he a cutie!

I also saw a quote from the Grinch himself that I thought would make a cute Christmas plaque. I had my husband cut a 12×24 inch piece of 1/2 inch plywood. For those of you who don’t have the ability to cut wood you can get 12×24 inch pieces of shelving from almost any home improvement store. You can get it unfinished and paint it like I did or by it laminated with a black, white, or wood grain finish and use that for your plaque. It is fairly inexpensive and saves a lot of time. I painted the wood red using Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch paint. It is a great spray paint that provides excellent coverage. For both projects I used indoor vinyl which can be found at www.knkusa.com . I like to use 36 force and 250 velocity when cutting smaller vinyl projects such as these.

I would share more info about this plaque but somehow, in less than a few hours time, the file for this plaque is lost somewhere on my computer.








19 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. I did one for my grand daughter when she was born in Jan. this year and it turned out so nice. I decorated the frame around the glass too. It was so much fun. The baby is a sweetie. I know the parents were proud. TFS

  2. I have wanted to try a subway art for my daugther’s room. I just redid it this weekend! 🙂
    love hugs and prayers

  3. Great job, Nancy. I am really into the subway art and hadn’t thought about this for a baby canvas. It’s going into my idea box.

  4. Wow, what a cute birth announcement, maybe I should give up months of cross stitching birth announcements and give this instead!

  5. oh that little fellow is such a cutie…and those subway arts are just adorable..love them

  6. Cute idea. I bet he is going to have one neat room when his aunt gets done coming up with ideas!

  7. I love both of these! I think I will “borrow” your idea and make the Grinch plaque for my sister for Christmas–she will love it. And the baby is beautiful!

  8. My daughter is going to have her first child in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I can make something like this.

  9. I like the two color scheme on the baby one and really like the saying on the Christmas one. Another Great Job with vinyl!

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