Hershey Bar Costume

In early October my grandchildren’s school has a book parade based on a book selected by the teacher.  Last fall the 4th grade class read The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling .  From the story each child was asked to make a written book report and dress in character to illustrate the book in the book parade.  My granddaughter wanted to be a Hershey bar.  I was excited because I could see a costume totally suited for using my Klic-N-Kut 15″ Maxx and vinyl available from Accugraphics.

I fashioned it like a sandwich board with 2 sides, each measuring 14″ x 30″, connected with straps that go over each shoulder.  Each side was foam core covered with 15″ wide chocolate brown vinyl that wrapped to the back side approximately 1/4″ on all edges.

The biggest challenge for a project of this size, where vinyl is  applied to vinyl, is to get the placement right.  The hinge method for applying the letters, like Deb did when applying the vinyl words on her wall, will keep you in control.  Also, Chad tells me  that if I had lightly misted the brown vinyl with water before applying the  silver and white vinyl words, application would have been more forgiving.

The inside finish isn’t anything to brag about, but it was functional.  I sewed Velcro to one end of the shoulder straps and stuck it to the Velcro that I had stuck to the back side of the board.   My plan was to have a fitting and do the same to the other end of the  straps.  But, when I took it for the fitting, no one wanted me to take it back, saying,  “no need for Velcro, we’ll attach the loose  strap ends with Duck tape.”  If I had anticipated that happening, I  would have gone with Duck tape in a dark color…not red!  But the  red Duct tape worked perfectly and continues to hold securely.  So  the lesson learned is …use what you have.  Forget the Velcro…Duck tape both ends of the straps.  They won’t be seen anyway.

These boards have been amazingly durable.  After  the book parade, it was again worn as a Halloween costume and I have hauled it to two retreats. When I returned it recently, I was told that we need to save it for a sibling who wants to wear it when he is in the 4th grade, 2 years from now.  I wasn’t aware that the costumes for the book parade are judged for originality.  We received no recognition because it was thought that we purchased the costume.  That’s quite a complement for Klic-N-Kut!  Don’t you think?

Hershey Costume _ KNK Files

Hershey Costume _ PDF Files

18 thoughts on “Hershey Bar Costume

  1. Priceless! lol. It really does look like a giant chocolate bar 😀 Thanks for the share, Lynn!

    • They keep me busy, but I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for anything. I spent the weekend working on this year’s parade costumes.

    • Duck tape is like Post-its. I wish I had invented either one of them…or had stock from the beginning. 🙂

  2. Amazing, Lynn! Your grandchildren are convinced that there is nothing you can’t do or make with your cutter. And, they are right!! I’ve seen it ‘in person’ and pictures don’t do it justice.

    • You are right about their opinion of me. This past weekend I was asked to make duck feet, deer antlers and a water spout, which were all cut from fun foam on the KNK for this year’s parade on Thursday. Thanks for the complement.

  3. I just love seeing this. It was great to see it in person. Too bad your cute model wasn’t there to show it to it’s full advantage.

  4. I saw this “Up Close and Personal” at the KNK Denver Retreat! Lynn…you’re are an amazing woman and a super crafter! Martha Stewart should be taking lessons from YOU! 🙂 ♥

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