Here comes the Bride

We have a wedding coming up so it inspired me to make a few things. I have 2 out of 5 completed, hopefully I can post the rest at a later date. The first is a sweet but simple card. It is designed for a 5×7 card, I used Coredinations black paper and Coredinations Gemstone white. The Bride and groom and the Mr & Mrs are cut from vinyl. You can literally make this card in a minute or two, that is my kind of card!

IMG_2369 Mr and Mrs Card 5×7

The second is a simple 6×6 tile. Although this is personalized with the bride and grooms name and date it can easily be converted with your own personalization so I include the file. It was simply cut from decal vinyl and applied to the tile.

IMG_2313 mr & mrs tile

Everything was cut using my wonderful KNK Maxx and the vinyl used for the card can be purchased at  KNK USA.

27 thoughts on “Here comes the Bride

  1. these are both lovely for the bride and groom, Nancy. the image on your card is adorable!

  2. Love the card–simple and beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest of your projects!!

  3. Both are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Can you tell us more about drilling the small holes in the tile?

    • Karin, The most important thing is to make sure you are buying a wall tile and not a floor tile. Then I apply a strip of masking tape across the top, mark at 2″ & 4″ and then use a drill press and drill bit made for drilling through tiles. The bits I buy aren’t expensive, 5 in a pack for 5.99.

  4. I love the simplicity of this card and tile. Beautiful and simple fits my lifestyle in the summer. Thanks for sharing the files, Nancy.

  5. Beautiful idea! I’m sharing this with my son’s girlfriend as her brother is getting married in September. I think the tile would make a wonderful gift!

  6. Lovely work. The card is especially darling and sounds so very simple.

  7. I keep reading how easy it is to use vinyl on cards. Now if I can only remember to use it!

  8. thank you for explaining how you drill the holes in your tiles…very handy tip to know thanks

  9. Do you have any good recommendations for transfer tape? I tried vinyl on a card once and when I removed the transfer tape I pulled up the surface of the paper in a few spots. Thank you!

    • I think it is more about the paper than the tape. Coredinations paper seems to have a coating on top of the paper, and many of the higher quality papers seems to have the same. some of the cheaper papers that you may get in a stack that have a very dull appearance to them seem to be the papers that seperate when you use transfer tape. I have tried using even the least tacky transfer tape and on some papers it will cause the top layer to come off in spots. hope this helps.

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