Welcome to the new home of TeamKNK I…

Welcome to the new home of TeamKNK! I want to give a BIG thanks to all of the wonderful designers that accepted to join!

I have lots to do here, so don’t be afraid to ask for any possible features, or mention anything that needs fixing 🙂

Oh, and I hope we can have some fun sharing and inspiring everyone.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the new home of TeamKNK I…

  1. HI Chad!

    Have my Zing pre-ordered. Can’t wait to receive it!! I read somewhere that although the Zing retailers cannot sell the Zing below the $399 price, they can offer incentives to prospective buyers. Is this true? And do you know of any incentives that are being offered?


    • Hi Shana,

      Yes, Dealers can not advertise below $399. Without looking, I do not know what our resellers may be offering as incentives. Interested folks would have to do a little searching to find out. 🙂

      • Hi Chad,

        Thanks for responding! I know you must be terribly busy. One more quick question, the Zing will come with a few accessories to get us going no matter who we order from, correct?


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