Heat Transfer Vinyl = Personalized T-shirt

My sister is an award winning dog groomer, and recently struck out on her own as self-employed. I’ve made some sweatshirts and T-shirts with her new logo on them but she asked me to make this particular T, and of course I could not refuse!



Settings (Maxx Air) and Thermoflex Plus vinyl:

  • f = 28
  • v = 300
  • mat = 2/3 Aleenes + 1/3 water
  • Cut in reverse, glossy side (the carrier) down on mat, tape if needed
  • Press at 330-335°F for 17-20 seconds


  1. Select fonts and create lettering.
  2. Download free images and trace. Black out for silhouettes only.
  3. Cut vinyl using the settings above for a Maxx Air. For other models, check the appropriate materials reference guide.
  4. Place vinyl on T-shirt, use transfer tape to assist in placement as it will not become damaged by the heat nor will it leave residue.
  5. Place T-shirt with vinyl on heat press. Verify placement. Because the design was so large, I had to leave off the bottom two lines for the first press, then rotated the T-shirt 180°, and then I pressed the bottom two lines.
  6. Depending on the type of heat press vinyl you’re using, you may have to peel while hot or wait until it cools. Thermoflex Plus is a hot peel so I peeled off the carrier sheet immediately.

20141012_144733_opt (2)

I imagine she’s going to want one in every color combination. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Heat Transfer Vinyl = Personalized T-shirt

    • I placed blue tape on the shirt first, to give myself a straight and square line, then started putting on the lettering. I viewed each placement from the front of the heat press as well as from either side. I also asked my sister to eyeball it each time to make sure she was happy. It was a lot of ‘tuning’ and a little luck!

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