He is Risen

I know, I know. This should have gone up as a post sometime before yesterday, but I simply didn’t get it done until a few days before Easter. I hope you all had a spectacular weekend, with time to enjoy your families.

I love burlap accents, and quite often use it for trim on cards and in my halloween decorations. I found this lovely burlap with gold flecks in it and bought some in the off white used in this artwork as well as a dark tan. The inspiration for this project came from my daughter’s boyfriend, and so it is a gift to him. I love when an idea comes to mind and it turns out exactly as you’d imagined it!

I started with a treated 10 x 10 canvas. I painted it tan with a mistint quart snagged from the hardware store. Then I used the Copic airbrush to color it, as well as some Journey Silk for the ‘age spots’. While it was drying, I created my stencil and cut it in vinyl. You can see my star at the bottom right where I performed a test cut first. The vinyl stuck very well to the canvas, it actually surprised me how well, yet it removed easily. Using thick fabric paint so the color wouldn’t wick out along the threads, I thoroughly coated the openings in the stencil. After peeling the vinyl off and allowing it to dry, I spread a thin layer of Aleene’s fabric glue all over the back so the threads would stay put and then laid it onto the colored canvas. Voila!



Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 31
  • v = 300
  • p = 1


  1. Paint the canvas and allow to dry between layers.   20160327_200103_opt
  2. Cut the vinyl stencil. Apply to burlap.  20160327_200422_opt
  3. Apply fabric paint liberally.  20160327_201000_opt
  4. Peel off the vinyl stencil and allow to dry. 20160327_201324_opt
  5. Apply fabric glue to back side of the burlap and adhere to canvas.  20160327_211902_opt
  6. Allow to dry.


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