Happy Veterans Day!

To all military members past or present and to their families, Thank You!  I designed this tile as a tribute and although I did it a while ago I wanted to share it and it’s file. It is amazing how easy it is to design in KNK Studio. I used my KNK Maxx to cut the vinyl.  I used the “outdoor” vinyl http://knkusa.com/shop/decal-vinyl-glossy-copy/

My second item for today was such fun to make. I had a request from someone to make a tree that she saw on Pintrest. I was able to design the tree in KNK Studio, and even though I only have the 15 inch Maxx I was able to use the ginsu feature and cut the file in smaller sections. It also made it easier to apply because this tree was huge, over 7 feet wide! For this file I used the indoor vinyl  http://knkusa.com/shop/wall-vinyl-matte/ so that it would be removable with out damaging the wall. For this project I used 38 pressure and 100 speed. I always slow it way down when cutting large files. :O)

She applied it behind her headboard…doesn’t it look awesome.

As I was thinking about what to post today I started thinking how close we are to Christmas and how I haven’t done a darn thing yet…yikes! I hope that some of our design team members have some cute, quick and easy Christmas ideas! Yes, this is a challenge. :O)


A team knk tree



23 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day!

  1. That tree is gorgeous. I love it. And the card if very pretty and nice for this special occasion in our lives right now. Thanking God everyday for my freedom. Not sure how much longer we will have it. Thank You.

  2. The tree is amazing. I would like to know how you are able to line up the parts of the tree to apply on the wall. It looks challenging, but very lovely.

    The card is excellent. My daughter is married to a serviceman. We are so grateful for our veterans and service people. As long as they are here we are safe.

    • Tammy, if you open the file you will see I place rectangles through out the file so that if you place the rectangles from one section on top of the rectangles from the next section
      it lines up perfectly.

  3. Thank you for the Veterans Day Project. We owe our brave veterans and current service personnel so much. And I love the tree! I have a blank wall above a bed that is calling out for a similar project. Now you have me thinking!

  4. BEATUIFUL!!! I really like the saying on the tile. The tree is amazing!! You do wonderful things in vinyl. Thank you for sharing the files.

  5. love the tree…looks wonderful…imagine waking up to that great tree and lovely butterflies….would love the butterflies in glow in the dark…..

  6. What a great tribute to our servicemen, Nancy. Love the card. I know the tree wasn’t and easy project but the finished product is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the projects and the files.

  7. Any chance you could convert the file to a different format? I have the Zing so I can’t use a KNK format file.

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