Happy New Year!

This is my favorite time of year, winter in Wisconsin! It means the yard work/gardening is done and now it is time to stay indoors and make things!!!

I love to make cards. I get inspired by looking at Pintrest and other places on line.

This was a card I saw on Pintrest. I did not want to bother cutting the words from vinyl as I knew weeding would be a pain. So I designed the card in KNK Studio and then saved the words as a jpeg, imported them into Word and then printed the words. The balloons were cut from vinyl using my KNK Maxx but would look just as cute cut from paper.

The second card was made from a file from My Scrap Chick

They offer a free cutting file each Friday and often have 50 cent sales.

This was cardstock embellished with vinyl. Look at the fine detail that I was able to achieve by using vinyl and the Maxx!

Here is the free file for the balloon card which includes a KNK file, an SVG file and a jpeg for the words happy birthday to you




clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade


vinyl 36

cardstock 90

Speed 400

Using the clear transfer tape makes it so easy to apply vinyl precisely where you want it!