{Happy HallowZING

Oh all right, maybe that didn’t work so well. It’s better than Happy HallowMAXX, though, isn’t it? No, maybe not.

Hello again. I can’t believe another month has passed. I’m back to work, my spawns are back in school, and while it is Fall in some areas, the area I live in apparently missed the cool-down memo, because we had a couple of 109 F degree days. Those of you that live in that constantly, I don’t know how you do it. Where I live, we don’t function well if the thermometer goes over 90 or under 70. Seriously, we are that wimpy. And don’t get me started on those rare occasions we get rain. San Diegans can’t drive in rain. We just can’t.

How do I get so off topic???

No wonder my posts are so long.

Okay, let’s get to it:

There it is. I’m done. Goodbye.

Ha ha ha. You know better than that.

I finally tackled the Print and Cut on the Zing. You are saying, “What the H-E-double hockey sticks took you so long??!!”

I’m not going to lie… I keep it real here. It was just too easy to use the Cameo for print and cuts. The optic eye and my laziness… well, anyway, that’s why. When I do use the Maxx for PNC, I would do it the reverse way, where I would cut the shape first and then run it through my printer to get the image on it. That worked for me and I’m a little stubborn so I didn’t bother trying the PNC with the Zing and MTC.

If you want to slap me upside the head now, it’s okay. I deserve it. Because, folks, it is so frickin’ EASY I can’t believe I was so resistant.

I’m not going to lie again. You are seeing my very first and very second attempts at Print and cut. It isn’t perfect and I’ll explain why as I go on, but I want you to see that even resistant idiots like me can do this.

Okay, move past my well loved and extremely dirty mat. I just got a new one from KNK (link) and I want you to know I put it into use because I was so embarrassed that I’m showing you my nasty mat. These are my very first ever print and cuts. I used the graphic files from Lettering Delights. Look how it is nearly perfect except for they are all consistently off about 1/32″ at the bottom. Well, folks, that is probably because I need to calibrate my Zing. I never did that. I know it’s easy, so I will definitely do that before I try again. Once I do that, I know the cut will be perfect. Another thing I usually do is put a tiny inset line on the graphic just to allow that. Because I’ve never gotten an absolutely perfect print and cut from my cameo and so I always adjusted for it. Once I calibrate the Zing, I have a feeling I won’t need that inset line.

I used epson shiny photo paper to get that shiny look from the graphics. The only problem is the paper picked up the grease and crap from the Zing roller:

See that white rubber thing? You gotta clean that. Especially after it is rolling over goo and stuff from your mat.

The other thing I didn’t allow for is the Lettering Delights graphics sometimes have a slight drop shadow on them and when you trace your image in MTC, it may pick that up so when I looked closer at my cut lines on my graphic, I notice that they weren’t perfect around the image.

Aren’t you glad I point out all my mistakes? I do this so you can LEARN from mine. Or make your own. That’s what usually teaches me. I did go to the school of Hard Knocks after all.

So what did I do with these cute little graphics? I stuck ’em on a coffin.

I got the file from SVGattic, but I believe they are closed now. You can fill it with candy, like candy corn. I’m probably the only person in the world that hates candy corn, which is why my coffin box is empty for now.

I was on a roll, so I made a sign:

I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. It’s hanging up on my classroom door.

And then I made some place cards, again from the same file from SVGattic. Happy Hauntings, I believe it was called.

And that, in case you didn’t figure it out but I’m sure you did, is print and cut number 2 from the Zing. Another issue I’ve had with the cameo is the reg marks aren’t read on colored paper. It has been really hit and miss, mostly miss in my experience. The Zing won’t have that issue since you are moving the laser to the registration lines. And let me talk about that for a second:

Andy has made it so easy. When you first tell the Zing you want to do a PNC, it goes so close to the first registration mark. So you can easily jog the laser over to it. And then it gets even closer to the other ones.

These are the little stands that make them well, stand.

Side view.

So there you go. I tackled Print and Cut and lived. You made it through another babbling post from me. I truly understand if you just look at the pictures. I bore myself sometimes.

Would you believe that most of the time I’m quiet in real life?

I didn’t think so, but it’s mostly true.

See you next month.


The coffin filled with that nasty candy.

I arranged all the pretties on a cabinet in my classroom:

And hung the sign on my door. Yay!


Funny sayings for tombstones:ย http://voices.yahoo.com/funny-halloween-tombstone-epitaphs-4683609.html

LD Frightmares Font


Brand new KNK Zing matย 


(I LOVE that paper. Seriously. The black paper I used was some Walmart crap that never cuts well.)


16 thoughts on “{Happy HallowZING

  1. I don’t do Halloween but I gotta tell ya…yours is too stinkin cute. I love the verses on the tombstones. That would almost be enough for me to make a card and case oneof them. Glad you n-joyed your PnC. I love PnC on my Cameo too. It spoils us. TFS

  2. LOVE your posts Deb, they always make me laugh! We don’t really “do” Halloween here in Australia, but I do love your projects! Your sign is gorgeous! So happy you survived PNC, I have a 15″ KNK Maxx and I also used to cut first, print later, but since I now own MTC, no more…. so easy!

  3. I just love your story as well as the PNC feature. Don’t have a Zing or Cameo yet, but hope to get one of these soon.

  4. I don’t do halloween…and hate candy corn as well…unless there is no other candy around, then I will eat a few. lol Aside from those fun-facts…another WELL DONE and ENTERTAINING project Mrs. Manis! I bet all your kiddos are excited to see what you will decorate for them during the year. you are so crafty! I can’t wait till next month… รœ

  5. What a cute halloween collection. I just want to add that you can get the coffin files at SVGCuts for those who might like to have it.

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