Happy Halloween Peek-through Cardstock with a Free File

Supplies Needed:

Core’dinations Cardstock – Black Magic

Paper Piercing Tool


Sticky-notes (optional)

While this can be done on any paper made with layers, Core’dinations is the best ‘core’ cardstock I found in my stash. It is thicker and the black layer peels off decently. Besides, no other color combination ‘pops’ like black over a light/bright color. I first made this plate using Black Magic – Wizard, but it gave me an idea for this month’s Halloween project.

The plate was used it for a challenge entry:

I gave you a hint last Thursday….Remember the design used on that Trick or Treat bag project from last fall? To create my design, I made a simple outline of the perimeter of the house. Take a look at how it turned out in this project!

Black Magic – Shazam:

Black Magic – Hypnotic:

I used vinyl settings as my starting point on both the Maxx and the Zing, with my blade protruding slightly less than the thickness of the paper. This results in cutting only through that top layer of the card stock. Then I used a piercing tool to peel away the black where I’d cut the design.

Maxx:  250 v and 38 f

Zing:  10 v and 15 f

Here I was able to peel off almost the entire outline of the house in one piece. Of course it wasn’t until the very end at the chimney that I got in a hurry and didn’t ‘turn’ my hand around the corners. Hint:  Cut a test ring or one small object to ensure your blade is at the correct depth. The black layer should peel off easily.

I found it was much easier to start the ‘peel’ with the piercing tool at a slight angle (15-20 degrees) to the surface of the paper and just slip the point under the black layer at one corner or along one edge. Then use the tweezers to pull off the section. Straight lines and rectangles will peel much easier and more likely in one piece as compared to rounded shapes.

After peeling off all of the pieces, and snapping a few pictures, I decided the haunted house could benefit from some sanding. In order to preserve the black within the house, I used post it notes around the perimeter.

This worked great. The sticky note was worn down a little by the sand paper, but I only used 2 pieces for each haunted house.

If you accidentally peel or sand off too much of the black layer, its a very easy fix! Get out your multi-liner black pen, and a ruler if you’re doing straight lines, and fill in the color. The multi-liner doesn’t bleed so it makes a sharply defined edge and blends in with the black layer of the card stock – almost invisible to the naked eye. Be sure to pull off any paper fuzz before recapping your pen.

I only gave it a light sanding this time but I may add more the next time. Are you wondering if that was what all the fuss was about? Well, that’s not all this method will do for your project…

Get ready to have your socks blown off!


The card stock is now thin enough for light to show through it!

Here is Shazam (not sanded) with a single light source behind it:

Shazam (sanded) with a string of lights behind it:

And here is Hypnotic with a string of lights behind it:

Now, if that only knocked one of your socks off, I came armed. This next image will take care of the other one, guaranteed!

And here is your sock blowing, free file from Team KNK; available for a limited time and specially made for use with Black Magic – Wizard.

Click on this picture to download the file

Sorry, the offer on this file expired.

Isn’t that just too cool! I can’t wait to hear what you think. Please tell me what object this posting inspires you to create with Core’dinations and your KNK!!!

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52 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Peek-through Cardstock with a Free File

  1. WOW this IS AWESOME! Where can I buy the house file? LOL I loved it last year and still do!!
    love hugs and prayers

  2. I just saw some of that paper and did not know what it was good for. Will have to try something like this. I love the way it looks with lights behind it.

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  4. Love the witch and thank you sooooo much! Love the haunted house too! Maybe you could share it with us too soon? Maybe???? 😉 lol

  5. Well, Michele. You have definitely made my day!!!! I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite time of the year. This surpasses even your bag from last year and that was GREAT. I am so looking forward to creating something like this.
    Thanks so much for sharing and for sharing the Witch. I Love Mean Halloween the best of all!!!

  6. OMG, MIchele, this is so awsome. the lantern idea is fantastic. I have a lot of black magic paper and can’t wait to get at it now!!! I am dying to make your haunted house for my granddaughters and would love to have the information where I can get the file. Again, thank you for sharing your techinique and cut file with us. love the witch file, will be cutting that soon too.

  7. Michele, that is really neat. Love the idea of the lights behind the paper. I would love the file for the house. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all you do for us.

  8. How awesome!!!!! Love the file, thank you for sharing. I love the haunted house as well. The house would look great on invitations to a Halloween party.

    • I agree! I’ll have to try it out. I created a 12×12 page so I simply don’t know how it will work when the lines are much ‘finer’. I’ll let you all know!

    • You’re so welcome! I was like a kid, peeling away the black to reveal the color – getting all excited about it – then running to my family to show them what I’d created! LOL, their excitement level didn’t quite match mine but they are 17+ years old (my DH tried, at least – the kids not so much).

  9. That is amazing! I have some of this paper and can’t wait to try this. The haunted house would make a great paper lantern. Where did you get the file?

  10. I need to stop reading these. My to do list keeps growing and my spare time keeps shrinking! Hopefully, I will be able to do some catching up next week when I’m on vacation!

  11. I had some of the Core’dinations products in my stash but hadn’t used very much. I’d purchased some at CHA and some at a scrapbook store ‘garage sale’ because I liked the texture and the dual color options – but I really fell in love with it while developing this project! I’m very excited that they posted these projects on their facebook page today!

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  13. So many ideas going through my head now with this paper. Thank you for sharing. How do you go about getting the house? It is awesome.

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  15. Awesome file. Can’t wait to cut this out and the others you have shared. Off to my stash of paper to dig out my core’dintations stack.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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