{Happy Friday!!!

It’s getting close to Spring. I don’t know what the weather is in your parts, but here it is sunny and 80 one day and cold and rainy the next. I would just like the weather to make up its mind and do its thing.

Do any of you Pinterest?

Well, I found this:


and thought I could draw the file in MTC. So I did. I’ll email the lady and ask if she minds me sharing it, but I have to tweak it some more. It didn’t go together quite right and I had to do some trimming and fudging to make it work.

I also used MTC to make the lattice pieces to give it a more picnic-basket feel.



I had some little butterfly brads I used for the handles, and get this: the purple flower is from a lei I picked up at the dollar store for a…. dollar…. and cut it apart and use the flowers on crap I make.

I decided this would be a birthday gift and wanted to make a set of note cards to go in it. I decided on the butterfly from the Butterflies and Blossoms SVG set at Lettering Delights and used MTC to make a shadow layer  shape card.

I had a goof with my first purple paper and didn’t have another sheet so I had to use a different one. Here’s my lesson of the day KNK Kids: Make sure your mat is super super sticky when you want to do high detail stuff. I also slowed Maxx waaay down. You really should be using a new blade, not one that is over 9 months old. I don’t know why I’m such a butt head about changing my blades but I use those things until i can’t use ’em no more. (Am I allowed to say butt head here? I’m assuming Chad wants to keep this bloggie G-rated and I respect that).

Those of you that have seen stuff I make know I am all about the foam tape and I always have something lifting off my cards.

I debated stamping a sentiment on the inside, but I really like to leave my cards blank so people can write what they want on the inside, or use it for different occasions.

I’m all about the flexibility.

I posted this picture on my blog so you can see what happens when I am in my dungeon:

There were a lot of little pieces in this set. Are you neat when you make stuff? As you can see, I’m not. I do eventually clean it all up, but… well, I’ll be honest. I made this a few days ago and I haven’t touched the mess yet. I’m all about closing the door. If you can’t see it, it’s not there.



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By day, a teacher. By night, a geeky crafter. I have one hubby, 2 kids, and 4 dogs. I like to take pictures and like it even more when they don't suck. I use a KNK Maxx 24" machine, a Zing, and a Cameo.

17 thoughts on “{Happy Friday!!!

  1. That basket is adorable! I enjoyed reading your story–in particular your self description on blades . Great idea, great post! Thank you for a bright start to Friday!

  2. I love the picnic basket! The lattice gives it a realistic look. The purple butterflies are sure cute.

  3. There’s something spectacular about seeing your artwork go from on the screen to in your hands. Especially when its a dimensional object, like yours. It turned out fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Deb.

    BTW: Your photos look awesome. What kind of camera do you use? (if you don’t mind sharing)

    • I don’t mind at all. I normally use a Canon 7D with a 28-70 2.8 lens, but for a lot of my projects such as this one, I’ve been pulling out my little point and shoot Canon G12. I absolutely love that thing. It’s like having a big fancy camera in a point and shoot. The zoom isn’t much on it, but it has quick response time, shoots in RAW, and takes pretty decent pictures and video. The square picture was taken with my iPhone.

  4. Absolutely Adorable!!! When I saw the basket, I remembered the pics on your blog and thought “there’s the reason for all those snibbles”! LOL
    Excellent work m’lady! Great idea for the lei…I have a couple from a theme party we went to a few years ago…this is great way to rip it apart and reuse it. *Ü*

  5. What a wonderful project! Love the basket and al the tips for the embellishments? You cards are so pretty too. I actually like the different colors, more flexibility. Great job. Let me know if you’d like to share or sell the basket file. Got several gifts in mind.

  6. Love it! I love your last picture……a girl after my own heart. I finally pulled out the vacuum cleaner the other day and can see the floor again 😉

  7. Love the basket. Looks so real I wanted to put the cabbage, corned beef, and wine right in it.
    Great job and thanks for sharing.
    Will you be able to share the file?

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  9. I emailed Grace (where I got the idea) and hopefully she will reply here, if so, I’ll post it here or on my blog. I still need to fix it. I may need to email it to some of you smarty pants so you can see what’s wrong with it.

  10. Hi Deb! Thanks for asking permission to use the basket design I created. I’m happy to let you post free cut files for it! Thank you for linking my blog! I’m thrilled to share! Your basket came out great! Love the lattice dimension as well!!!

  11. http://db.tt/9Zif3TI7

    I might get zapped by the spam filter for posting a link, but here’s the file. Let me preface this with it needs work. It wasn’t coming together right when I was folding. I need to cut it out again and play with my dimensions and just haven’t had time. When I can, I promise I will. It does work with a little manipulating.

  12. So I have just one question for you: Do you ever sleep? You come up with the most amazing and complex postings, it is such a pleasure to see them.

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