{Happy Father’s Day…

For those of you that celebrate it anyway. I had a hard time coming up with a project this month. You know when you look at your machine (both of the KNKs) and you say, “You do so much that I’m overwhelmed and don’t really know what to do?”

You all probably aren’t weird like me and don’t talk to your machines.

Anywhooo… I made a Father’s Day wallet:

I had a super busy week this week and didn’t have time to get my project going in advance (I usually have it done a few days before) and I was up until midnight trying to come up with something. I came up with a baseball card that was kind of fun, but I hated it.

So I remembered that I had this file from a couple years ago for the KNK software and I know I didn’t buy it, but I’m not sure where I came up with it. The closest I could get to it was here:


There are a few videos and tutorials, but I didn’t have time to go through and see if one of them was the wallet. So I’ll so a little more research and if I find out I can share it, I will definitely have Sandy post it.

Here it is opened up. You can put a gift card or little note cards on the left and a picture on the right. The top opens up and you can put money in it. The height of real money is a touch too tall, but I was thinking it might be fun to make “Dad Bucks” where you make little notes to dad that you will wash his car or pull weeds or just get out of his hair for a couple hours.

I printed out the little freebie available on Lettering Delights and stuck them in there, just for picture purposes. I had to size them a little small so it might be hard to write on them, but you get the idea. Or at least say you do and I’ll be quiet.

Close up or the right side with a picture of my Pops. He passed away in 2005, but I found this picture of him and thought I’d stick it in there.

Close up of the left side. You have two pockets to put a gift card or notes in.

Close up of the stitching. I just used the rhinestone feature in Make the Cut and put a bunch of holes and did some sort of stitch that I’m sure one of you knows the name of, but I don’t. I think I would use a thread that is a little more contrasting for next time and I would put the holes a little closer together, even though it means more sewing.

I embossed the paper (stuff I bought at Joann’s, absolutely no idea what brand) with a snake skin texture and inked the heck out of the edges with that Tim Holtz stuff.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I keep it real here and you know that. I’m pretty sure I glued the whole thing upside down because don’t wallets usually open from right to left? Well, mine opens from the opposite. I don’t want to start a big debate over how one should open a wallet because it could get as serious and heated as the toilet paper roll debate (should go over the top, doncha know).

So there you have it. I’ll be much more prepared next month. I’ll be on vacation then so I’ll have no excuse.

Edit: Yay! I finally know where I got this file so I can give proper credit:


I didn’t try out the link for the file, but it looks live. It comes in .svg and .SCUT but it should be easy peasy to import into Make the Cut.

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13 thoughts on “{Happy Father’s Day…

  1. Nifty!!! I like…and nice looking pops too!
    A+ for creativity and effort…even though it was last minute 😉 LOL
    ps. I’m a over the top kind of gal too.

  2. What a very manly idea for a Father, Grandfather or Husband even a Brother! Great Job! Thank you for sharing. I will look forward to Sandy posting the file but a t least you shared some nice sites with us to make our own cutter file …looks pretty easy mostly just straight cuts! Thank you

  3. What an awesome card!! If I got this card, I’d be extremely impressed! It does look like a real wallet 😛

    Thanks for sharing, Deb!

  4. Very nice project. I was so impressed with how professional this looks! Great picture of your dad, too. I don’t remember ever seeing that one.

  5. So real looking! I’d go diving for it if someone dropped it. I think you did invent the 1st left handed wallet. The stitching was perfect.

  6. Deb, you just do so much to make a project, the stitching, the embossing, the inking. Every project you do is just a delight to see, and has so much thought (and time) that goes into it. Thanks for these, I always look forward to what you do.

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