Happy Fall!

This was another customer request. It is so easy to do, just selecting some fun fonts and sizing each line so that the finished product fits the piece of wood you plan on using.


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

speed  500

Force   36


12×24 wood

rustoleum 2X paint


This plaque was made using wood, paint and vinyl. I painted the plaque and let it dry for 24 hours. I then used Klic n Kut Studio to design the saying. I typed the whole saying and then went line by line and selected the font I wanted for each line. The words pumpkins and cornstalks were made by selecting transform and then fit text to arc. This has to be done prior to breaking path. I then went to arrange and selected break path. I  went back and selected arrange, make path (ctrl/H) for each line. I then made a 12×24 rectangle ,which represented the size of the wood , and started resizing each line to fit where I wanted them. The rectangles are just guides to line up each line. Here is the file for anyone who would like it. It is in KNK format, SVG and MTC

every year I fall for pumpkins

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