Happy Birthday USA

In honor of America’s birthday (+ 1 day), my project is a glass block for my husband’s American Legion Home, using the title of my favorite patriotic song, God Bless The USA. I purchased the glass block, lights and the ribbon at Hobby Lobby.
The flag is a free font from www.dafont.com called USFlag. The letters are ZAPFCHLI. I used outdoor vinyl Medium Red, Dark Blue and Silver (purchased from www.KNKUSA.com). I frosted the block using Rustoleum Frosted Glass, which works well. Use vinyl transfer tape instead of painter’s tape as that will take the frosting off the glass.

I’m the type of person that can’t stop with one use of a design, so I designed a T-shirt, same font, but using the map of the USA. For this project, I used red glitter iron on transfer for the map and old silver iron on transfer for the words.. I made the words smaller to fit into the map. I cut the map first, pressed it on, then added the words and pressed again. I always use a teflon sheet to avoid scourching and for a smoother look (thanks Lynn K. for that tip). Be sure to measure the area you want to put your iron on BEFORE cutting.

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday USA

  1. Barbieee, the glass block idea is awesome, I LOVE IT. The T-shirt, It is terrific when you can wear something done by yourself. Great, Great. Thank you sharing your projects and Ideas.

    • Thanks Omayra. I love doing things to celebrate holidays. I wore my shirt yesterday and felt very proud.

  2. Barbie, I love the vinyl application on the glass block for patriotic holdiays. Thanks for the tip on the product to use for frosting the glass and what product to use so that the frosting isn’t lifted when the vinyl is applied. Great job!

  3. Barbie, These are wonderful!! Love both ideas. You are so creative. What wonderful projects. Looking forward to your next ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • I always like to see how many different ways/materials I can use for 1 file. I love a good challange!

  4. Hey Barbie! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those glass blocks! I will never look out my bathroom window the same way! Awesome shirt – I tend to gravitate to the same fonts myself…maybe I should add that one to my collection! TFS your pretty projects!

    • Thanks Susan. LOL, I’ll think of you next time I do another glass block. Love your page, btw.

    • No time like the present! I love doing these and it’s great to see the effects I get.

  5. Great patriotic projects, Barbie!! Thanks for the info on the free font. You can wear your shirt and display y our block on any day, not just a patriotic holiday!

  6. Thanks Judy and you are right! I do tend to display patriotic things all year long in honor of my family of verterans.

  7. Awesome projects, Barbie! The glass block is definitely cool. Good looking shirt, too!

  8. THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! I am going to do this for our week end camping family reunion. I will make 2. one “God bless the USA” and one” God bless the Niemanns!” Ahhh! their going to love it, all 100 plus of them. Thanks Barbie. you are awesome!

  9. what a fun idea. And with the vinyl, you can peel it off and do up a whole set for each holiday using the same block!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I use the outdoor vinyl and it will take off the frosting if I peel them of. If you use the wall vinyl, maybe it would work or don’t frost your blocks. Have fun! Lots of possibilities.

  10. Hi,
    I was searching for the ZAPFCHLI font but didn’t find a link to it 🙁 is it free? Thanks!
    love hugs and prayers

  11. I love this one so much, I can see that you can do so many things with this method..
    thank you

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