Happy Birthday KnK Style

I am thankful every time I use my KnK that I have the  24″ wide Maxx.  That’s because I tend to dream big.  I  make lots of banners and signs.      Take a look at the birthday party we just hosted and  you’ll see what I mean.  KnK participated in each part of the party.  Everything was simple to make, used simple components, but made a big impact.  And while I used the 24″ feature of my Maxx to put multiple pieces of paper on the mat at one time, or cut multiple shapes out of a single piece of board at the same time, all the big signs and banners you see below can be made on a smaller cutter.


Every party needs a “Happy Birthday” banner, and this one was no exception.  The banner spans our pergola, and is about 3 yards in length, from the H to the Y.   It’s a double sided banner, and is the only sign that had some design work involved in it.

The rest of what you’ll see here is nothing fancy.  The signs are just simple text and shapes from within the Make-The-Cut program.  They used only plain paper and spray adhesive (my constant friend).   But they made a big impact and helped ground the events for the kids.


First, we made Marshmallow shooters.  Google it if you have not done it before.  Great fun for kids of all ages.  I cut out masks from acetate to protect their faces (with the Maxx), and made a shooting range for them.  I cut the “targets” out of railroad board and faced aluminum cake pans with them.

And because I just hate to waste those cutouts, I made the “Target Practice” sign using them.  The images are all simple shapes from MTC library.

 Again, this was with the railroad board.  The font is “Delaney”.  Railroad board is inexpensive and sturdy.  There is a Kelly Paper store nearby.   The railroad board came from there.  I also buy reams of paper from them which I’ve used in the other signs and banners.  It is quite economical for me to do it this way, and then I always have it to share with the kids, and don’t have to use up my fancy, expensive paper.  I find myself liking and using the plain Wassau paper quite a bit, however.


Next on the game circuit was making slime.    The kids filed into the carriage house to create their own personalized slime (who knew!).  Many thanks to my friend Melinda who oversaw the slime station.  I still had a clean carriage house when the party was over.  A miracle only somewhat more amazing than what the Maxx can do.

The slime sign was simply each letter cut out on 8 ½ x 11 paper with inner shadow, and then mounted together over a piece of cardboard.

Slime in “Dracula” font

The background paper is holographic.  Now I really wanted to use that nice holographic paper, but it was too pricy for this project for the amount that I needed.  But I had some holographic christmas wrapping film that many a gift from my Mom came wrapped in, green on one side, silver on the other.  Perfect!  From a distance, you don’t notice that it is abstract christmas trees…


The last game spot you’ll see is the water pistol game.  Light the candles, and squirt them out with the water pistols.  It starts first with the kids shooting out the candles, then shooting the person who lights the candles (this task given to my husband), and then them shooting each other…

Squirting Range

I just loved the font that I found for this sign:  “Fish in the Bathroom”.  Again, just three colors of paper, and pasted up on a cardboard backer.

Squirt with "Fish in the Bathroom" font


While all of these signs and banners were made in a very simple way, they were fun, easy and effective.   I’ll post the detailed directions and file next month for the “Happy Birthday” banner as the length of this post is long enough as it is.  Thanks for reading!

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday KnK Style

  1. Elizabeth,
    These signs and the whole birthday party theme were amazing. Very creative. Loved all
    of them. I loved your color choices too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What fun ideas! You did a great job and I’m sure the kids had a “BLAST”. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just wanted to ask if I could use your ideas for my Relay for Life booth???? Thank you so much for sharing.. would love to “speak” to you! Thank you Debi

  4. Wow! Looks like that Birthday was a BLAST! 😀 The banners and other elements look great! Great idea cutting the face mask on the KNK too! I’d love to see how they turned out 😛

    • Hi Chad. Sort of hard to photograph, as it is clear, but I can send you one if you like. Just shoot me an email with your address.

  5. WAAAOOOW Elizabeth that is a great Idea. I love making things for birthdays parties and those are terrific ideas. Thank you!!!

  6. Loved every moment of the party and was asking another mom about your sign secrets. They truly were fabulous!!! I saw the slime sign on pinterest and knew it was yours!

    • who knew? I’ll have to go find the sign on Pinterest…Glad to help you with signs if you want. My big secret is using spray adhesive!

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