Happy Birthday Dear Hazel

Last week Lynn K posted a beautiful easel card for a friend’s 75th birthday.  I have the good fortune to enjoy a friendship with both Lynn and the birthday lady, Hazel.  Last Sunday, Hazel’s daughter and family held a party in honor of Hazel’s birthday and I was able to attend and enjoy the celebration.  Because it was a special birthday, I wanted to make a card that was special.  I too, decided to use the theme of 75 but not in the same way that Lynn K did.

This is a photo of Hazel and the middle portion of her card.


And here is Hazel (with some help from her daughter and my husband) with the entire card.

HazelLongCard As you can see it is a l-o-n-g card.  Seventy Five inches to be exact.  Also if you were to count the candle flames on the card – Yep! there are 75 of them!

It was a fun project with a few challenges.  So here is how it was constructed.

There are 9 panels that are connected with 1″  wide strips of organdy fabric.  The fabric is sandwiched in between the cardstock back and the cardstocks and papers on the face of the panels.  This photo shows that a space of about 1/16″ was left between the panels so the card would fold.


Once the panels were all joined into one long strip, the cardstock and paper parts of the card face were glued in place.  The card face consisted of a patterned paper for the background above the ‘cake’ and behind the candles, the cardstock ‘cake’, the cardstock icing strips, the layered cardstock letters (candles), and the cardstock candle flames.


This photo shows a close up of the completed first two panels.


It occurred to me as I was cutting the background paper pieces that because of the pattern in the paper, I would need to pay attention to where they cut so the pattern would line up when they were placed side by side on the card.  By using the “Page” mode in my KNK Studio software and resetting the origin on my KNK Maxx Air for each cut, I was able to successfully cut them so they matched.

The icing strips were drawn using the Pencil Tool in the KNK Studio software.  The ends of the strips were adjusted so they look as if they are continuous across the whole cake.  I didn’t find a font that worked the way I wanted for the wording so I again used the Pencil Tool in the KNK Studio software and drew my own letters.   Since there are more letters in “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR HAZEL” than in “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”, I needed to adjust the width of the wording on the center three panels to have it fit.  The letters are two layers of cardstock.  The layers were created by using the Transform/Inline tool in the KNK Studio software.  The candle flames were also drawn in the KNK Studio software using the pencil tool.

The ‘real’ gift was a gift card and I wanted to include a holder for it as part of the card.  I decided it would be fun if the gift card holder looked like a wrapped present.  I cut the basic holder from the same pink cardstock as the cake portion of the card.  Then I cut pieces of patterned paper so the present would looked wrapped and added ribbon pieces and a ribbon bow.  Lastly I added a set of pink Velcro pieces to hold the present closed.  The next three pictures show the inside, the back, and the closed gift card holder.

GiftCardHolderInside GiftCardHolderBack GiftCardHolderClosed

I took the photos right after I had glued the patterned paper to the cardstock and it wanted to curl.  After the glue dried, the gift card holder lay flat.

The gift card holder was glued to the last panel of the card.


The card was now complete and opened up just fit on the coffee table in my living room.


Now I only needed to create an envelope for the card and address the envelope.  I wanted the writing on the envelope to be very neat so I used my Zing Pen Tool with a Pilot Razor Point Liquid Ink Marker Pen to write Hazel’s name and her birthday address using the CAC Champagne font prior to cutting the envelope shape.  I like using the Page mode for cutting and decided to use it for writing the address also.  I knew about where the envelope would cut, determined the distance from the edges of the envelope to the bottom right hand corner of the address using the grid on the computer screen, placed two sticky notes so they formed a corner at that spot on the cardstock on the mat and set my origin there.  Since the envelope needed to be large, I couldn’t fit it on one piece of 12″ x 12″ cardstock and designed it in two pieces.  The open spaces in the letters were filled in with a Purple Star Gelly Roll pen.


The envelope pieces were glued together and the card was folded.  The project was complete!


The finishing touch was to add a ‘stamp’ from my Custom Stamps and Stickers post last month.

All of the cuts for this card were made on my 15″ KNK Maxx Air using a red tip blade and my KNK Studio software.

Cardstock was cut with a F = 55, V = 150, Blade Offset = 35, and a Blade Height = 25 PIN.  Some of the cardstock required 2 passes and others only one pass.

Scrapbook paper was cut with a F= 35, V = 150, Blade Offset = 35, and a Blade Height = 25 PIN using one pass.

The address was written with a F= 8, V =110, and the Cut/Plotting Defaults/Tool = Pen.

Files for this card can be downloaded using the links below.  Enjoy!

BDay Cake & Letters_JudyKay

Box Envelope_JudyKay

Gift Card Holder Present_JudyKay


25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear Hazel

  1. Hazel is so lucky, so nice., I hope she is ecstatic!! Oh, Happy Birthday Hazel!!

  2. I am very impressed with your card and so was my hubby when I showed it to him.
    Thank you for the files.

  3. Wow, that’s fantastic!! Giving me ideas, its my father in law’s 90th in three weeks,

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. What a GRAND idea! Hazel has been blessed with some very special friends.

  5. WOW!!! Great ideas and instructions. I’ll have to give this a shot but slightly smaller. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. This is a FANTASTIC card! Hazel had to have been shocked at the size of it! I love all the ‘engineered’ detail that you combined to make this the most fantastic card that I have ever seen…right down to the gift card holder and envelope. I am truly inspired. Thanks for sharing the files and details of how it came to fruition.

  7. Judy, Impressive. where do you come up with your ideas? thanks for sharing!

  8. Love it! What a great card to receive! I think I will borrow this idea for an anniversary card for my grandparents. Thank you for sharing your design.

  9. This way you designed this card reminds me of the same way you designed the cupcake wrap arounds. It is the perfect card for a 75 year old. :O)

  10. Wow, Judy. You and Lynn K. always inspire me but this time you’ve outdone yourself. I thought this was an amazing card – not only the length of it but the attention to detail just knocks our socks off. I love this card… the size, the colors, and the fantastic little present box. Thanks for the files. I am so inspired. Once again you make me want to go down to the craft room and stay there.

  11. All I can say is, “Wow!” What a wonderful job you did! Love the present shaped gift card holder too. You’re so creative, and Hazel is one lucky lady! Thank you so much for sharing your cutting files.

  12. what a truly fabulous card for your friend Hazel! I bet she was overwhelmed by the card and how long it must have taken to put this together – no mean feat. WOW!!!!

    Paula x x x

  13. This may work perfectly for a 40th or 60th birthday. I have one of each this month. Need to get busy. There are two others in the family as well!

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