Happy 2017!

While some people think the best part of New Years Eve/New Years Day is going out partying and then spending the day recovering, for me it is having 2 days to create.



clear transfer

small paper bags




red capped blade

Force 37

Speed 500

I am fortunate in that I use my KNK almost every day. So when it is my turn to post I don’t have to hurry up and come up with something, I have problems deciding which of my latest projects to post.



Our family spends every Friday night at the same eating establishment, Luigi’s! The staff there is wonderful, as is their food. Once or twice a year we try to treat all of the staff, from the dishwasher to the cook. I make goodie bags with candy in them, and one of the bags has a $20 bill. Each person gets to pick a bag and even if they don’t get the money they end up with some good candy. I was planning on doing it for the Friday preceding New Year’s Eve but wasn’t sure what to make. Then Michele posted with her free file “Happy New Year”.

I may have mentioned before, but I buy things on sale, I hate paying full price. So luckily I had all of the supplies on hand. I had one hour to cut 30 of the Happy New Year out of vinyl, weed them, apply them to the bags, put the candy in the bags, punch holes in each bag and tie them shut with ribbon. I knew that I could do it…wrong. But they will be just as nice this coming Friday.