{HalloZing Boxes…

Hey everyone! How’s it going?

Been extremely busy, but luckily had a little time to make stuff.

CherylC on the Make the Cut forum was kind enough to share this box file so I decided I had to play with it.


I didn’t have any transparency sheets to use as the clear piece, so I cut up a page protector and stuck that in there. It looks a little wrinkled because I did that purposely so you could see it.

Side view.

What’s inside?

Tile coasters! I picked up these tiles at Lowes for 37 cents a piece and went to town. You have to use Staz-eeze ink on them and unfortunately I couldn’t find orange so I used a sharpie and it seemed to work. My pumpkin is a little smudged because of my stellar stamping skills (yep, that’s sarcasm).

I discovered you have to buy a special cleaner or you can’t get that ink off of your stamps. It also cleans up the tiles when you make mistakes! I just got the stuff at Joann’s, it was called Stamp Cleaner, which seems like a fitting name.

I hot glued some cork at the bottom so you don’t scratch up your good furniture if you have good furniture. I personally don’t, but that’s because I have two kids and four dogs.

You could also cut your designs out of vinyl and stick them on the tile too. It’s probably what I should have done as I am as stamp-challenged as I am glue challenged.

But wait. There’s more.

I really liked the box CherylC designed and shared, but decided I wanted it all in one piece and so took on the challenge to draw it, using her dimensions.

Basically it’s one piece instead of 5. Her box is a more sturdy, which is good for tiles, but I wanted something different because I’m lazy and didn’t want to glue so much.

So that’s my version, which is one piece for the lid and one for the bottom. I even managed to make it fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Double bonus.

Side view.

What did I put inside of this one?

Cards! I made some 4″ square cards and put some designs from Lettering Delights. I used the font dbjackopattern3 for the faces and Little Booligans Accents for the spider web and spider card. I had some cute Halloween embossing folders so I used them to make them a little more interesting.

The kitty cat is my favorite.

I used one of those paper crinkler things on the pumpkin one.

Mr. Krapikreate asked, “Why did you put yellow on the background of the spider one?”

And I replied, “Because I can.”

BOO! I used foam tape to pop the hands out a bit.

The only thing I hate about specially sized cards is you have to make envelopes.

So I did.

I used Lettering Delights Envelope D set #7.

I went a little pattern crazy. Cause that’s how I roll. Oooh. That picture turned out on the orange side. Oh well, I did it on purpose so it would look spookier! (yeah, right, and I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn). Actually the coloring is off on all these card pictures. I may just reshoot them. I didn’t have enough light when I took these.

I sure love that world win paper from KNK. The Zing cuts that stuff like butter. The white and the black are Joann brand and the pattern paper is DCWV from the Halloween/Autumn stack.

Until next month.




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24 thoughts on “{HalloZing Boxes…

  1. I don’t do Halloween but I sure could do up a set of the little cards, envelopes and the box you made. They are super cute and I could see giving this away. I am glad you shared. If I do them I will let you know. TFS

  2. I like the yellow! 😉 LOL I love that you always include all sorts of goodies in your posts Deb!! The boxes are stellar! Ü

  3. I love your ideas, but I really LOVE your posts. They are hilarious and always make me laugh! So nice to know there are others that are stamp and glue challenged and don’t have good furniture because they have a family .

  4. Your boxes tiles and cards are just adorable. I really love the way you added texture to the cards. So good.

  5. Thanks for some inspiration and the link to the box file. You get a lot done for a lady who doesn’t have much time. Great job!

  6. I love the projects. Though it is not halloween anymore, i am hoping that you will see this comment.

    I am new to this craft area.

    I was wondering about your use of the orange sharpie for the purpose of stamping.
    You just used the sharpie to cover the stamp, and stamped I am assuming. My question is did the sharpie come off of the stamp after? was it a clear stamp or a rubber stamp? did you have to use the specialty cleaner?


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