Halloween Treat Jars and pumpkins

Thought I’d share my Halloween project. Thought they turned out very cute. I used small Mason jars I already had, used Lettering Delights files and decorated the jars. Then I filled them with candy for some special people. The pumpkins were from last year. The files are from My Vinyl Designers Halloween collection. All images were cut from vinyl. Happy Halloween All!

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I am a 3 machine KNK owner. I started with the "Yella Fella" and now own 3 (Groove-e, 24" Maxx and a 15" Maxx). I mainly cut rhinestone designs and vinyl for various projects. I also use it for scrapbooking and cards.

34 thoughts on “Halloween Treat Jars and pumpkins

    • Most definitly! If you havn’t tried vinyl, it’s a must! I’m so loving all the things I can do with it. There’s no limit.

  1. This is really cute – It would work for Christmas too – since I don’t celebrate Halloween.

    • I did hold some out for Christmas gifts. May take them to the VA hospital or a nursing home. Guess I’ll need to buy more jars!

    • I so agree Nancy! I need to chec out each new idea that posts and then plan my day around that. LOL

    • LOL, the parents were all over the jars, but the kids just wanted the candy! It was fun doing these.

  2. Very nice! I’ll have to remember this for next year. And I agree with you about cutting vinyl, Barbie. I seldom cut anything else these days! Love it!

    • I’m right there with you! ALl my projects are based on vinyl. So many options. But so much fun to do.

    • Just too cute not to post and wanted people to see the Lettering Delight images. I can’t carve pumpkins, so black vinyl works great for me.

  3. these are so adorable. they would be great for Christmas or Valentines’ Day. Got me thinking all kinds of things. Like etching the jars maybe names so much fun. TFS

  4. Such a cute idea. I just did something with a frosty looking, chinese take out container for my granddaughter for Halloween. Kids love these things.

  5. what a simple, wonderful idea. you know it is something the kids will hang onto and use from one Halloween to the next.

  6. OMG I LOVE these! I just bought something like 5 glass jars from dollar tree for a buck each. Some have the old fashioned metal canning wire closure aroud the lids, and at least 2 have white plastic screw on lids. I use them for the items I’ve cut out with my wittle Roberta, like flowers, paper buttons etc. Some have bought flowers and decos along that line in them. I wanted the BIG kind that sit at an angle, but haven’t found any yet. Will look closely at the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton FL come Jan though! And maybe even at the flea market in Venice! It’s not as big as Bradenton though.

    Deb, it would also be a nifty gifty for someone who cans a lot maybe? IF the canning jars can be done that way? Just a thought. And just think, you could go to the Dollar Tree and for a total of say 8 bucks, have a set of 8 glasses with xmas designs on them to give someone for a pressy! Just a thought

  7. Looking at previous posts. This idea would work well for lots of holidays. Valentines, Easter, Birthdays, just about any special occasion.

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