Halloween Mason Jar Vase

I started a small group of cutting enthusiasts and we meet monthly to share ideas and craft together. This month we did a challenge involving mason jars. Not surprising that we all did one with a Halloween theme!

CWest_Autumn_Halloween Still Life


Smoky Quartz Gemstone Vinyl

KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade

Clear Transfer Tape

Craft Vinyl for etching mask

Glass Etching Cream – I used Armour Etch.

Mason Jar, Halloween Flowers and Ribbons

Design Work

  • I found a spider web design I liked (Spider Web Lace, Samatha Walker)  and changed the dimensions to fit the circumference and height of the mason jar in Make the Cut!
  • Searched for a spider in the MTC Gallery, I always look here first for new designs! (Spider: MTC Gallery, Halloween Spiders #2900, User ID 8719).  I erased the web string from the spider so I had only the spider.
  • I then duplicated the spider so I had several to place around the jar.
  • I wanted a skull for the front of my vase and I had a perfect design, in my embroidery files. Since it was not an SVG, I used a clipping tool, SnagIt! To create a PNG file of the skull.  Make the Cut! Pixel Trace worked well to create the SVG file for cutting. I would caution that it only worked because the photo of the original stitch-out of the design was all in black and it was well defined. Individual threads were not apparent in the photo.
  • I cut the skull and spiders out of the Smoky Quartz Gemstone Vinyl and the spider web lace from craft vinyl.

MTC Mason Jar

Maxx Air Settings

Blade = Red Blade, Blade height = 25

Force = 45

Velocity = 300

# Passes = Disabled

Blade Offset = .35

 Crafting the Vase

  • When weeding the web etching mask, I weeded out the actual web and left the negative space to apply to my jar as I wanted the web to be etched into the glass.
  • Applied the etching cream over the entire jar except for the lid threads.

Vinyl mask applied on Applied the "negative space' of the vinyl web on to the mason jar. Etching cream spread on jar to create the web.

  • After removing the vinyl etching mask and washing and drying the jar, I applied the spiders and skull to the jar.

CWest_HMJV_ Spiders CWest_HMJV_ Skull

  • Added some black Halloween flowers and ribbons and I now have a new Halloween floral arrangement!

CWest_Autumn_Halloween Still Life


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