Halloween Greetings Go Mobile

Before you know it, Halloween will be here.  I saw a birthday cake greeting card that was a mobile and thought that was a cute idea for a Halloween card.  Also it is a application perfectly suited for our Klic-N-Kut electronic cutters and the KNK Studio and Make The Cut software packages.  I had an image in my mind of what I wanted the finished card to look like.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Finished_JudyKay-Optimized  Materials Used:

Bazzill Basics Cardstock in Orange, Dark Yellow, Black, Purple, and Green

DCWV Scrapbook Paper – Halloween Print

Gold Matte Wall Vinyl

SS6 Emerald Rhinestones

Orange and Purple Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

Black Thread


15″ Klic-N-Kut Maxx Air

Red Cap Standard Material Blade

Cardstocks – Force = 60 – 70, Speed = 100, Blade Height = 25 PIN

Wall Vinyl – Force = 12, Speed = 100, Blade Height = Collar of blade holder on clamp because no mat used

Holographic Vinyl – Force = 13, Speed = 100, Blade Height = Collar of blade holder on clamp because no mat used, 2 passes


1. Cut all of the pieces for the card using the free files (link below) in the appropriate colors.  Feel free to change colors as it suits you.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Cut File_JudyKay-Optimized

All of the pieces that you will need are included in the file and where appropriate, they have been mirror imaged for you.  There are two of each element except the black pumpkin base.  The words and hat band buckles were cut from the various vinyls.  The words were cut from both the purple and orange holographic vinyls and placed onto the bats with the purple under and to the side of the orange to create a shadow.

2.  If desired use some brown chalk to add shading to the orange and yellow pumpkin pieces.

Note: refer to the picture above for placement during assembly.  Do not glue the assembled mirror image pieces together until instructed to do so.

3.  Assemble the two hats by gluing the hat bands on and then place the gold vinyl buckle on the band.

4.  Assemble the two bats by placing the vinyl lettering on them – using one or two colors as desired.  Affix the heat set rhinestones for eyes.

5.  Assemble the two pumpkins.  One pumpkin will have the black base as well as the yellow and orange layers.  The other one will have just the yellow and orange layers.

6.  Cut a length of black thread about 30″ long.  Fold it in half with the folded end at top.  Place a line of glue down the center of one of the assembled hats on the back side.  Lay the thread in the line of glue leaving a loop about 2″ long above the hat.  Place glue around the edges of that hat and put the second assembled hat together with the first one, carefully matching up the edges.

7.  Place a line of glue down the center of the pumpkin about an inch and a half down from the top using the pumpkin without the black base.  Lay the thread in the line of glue leaving about 1/2″ of thread between the bottom of the hat and the top of the pumpkin stem.  Cut the thread, place a line of glue in the center of the back of the pumpkin from the top of the bottom tooth to the bottom of the pumpkin.  Place the cut end of the thread in this line of glue.  If the thread were not cut it would be visible behind the nose and mouth of the pumpkin.  Place glue around the edges and openings in the pumpkin and put it together with the pumpkin with the black base, carefully matching up the edges.

8.  Place a line of glue down the center of the back of one of the assembled bats, leave about 1″ of thread between the pumpkin and the bat, and place the thread in the glue line.  Trim off the excess thread.  Place glue around the edges of the bat and put the second assembled bat together with the first, carefully matching up the edges.

9.  Allow the glue to dry before hanging the card/mobile.

Since the finished card/mobile ends up a non-standard size, I created an envelope for it.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Envelope_JudyKay-Optimized

The envelope was cut from Halloween patterned scrapbook paper but the patterned side was folded to the inside as a bit of a fun surprise when it is opened.

Score and cut the envelope using the file included in the link below.

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Envelope Cut File _JudyKay-Optimized

Fold the short flap up first, then the two side flaps and finally the top flap (the largest flap).  Place glue on the two side flaps where they overlap the bottom one.

Insert the card into the envelope so that the threads will not be cut if someone opens the envelope using a letter opener or knife.

The finished card ends up about 10 1/2″ long not including the thread loop at the top.  It can be used at that size for Halloween decorations or could be enlarged and used to make various sized decorations.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Halloween Greetings Go Mobile Cut Files

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  1. Judy, I love the uniqueness of this post. For a card, it will be like the card that ‘keeps on giving’ as it is removed from the envelope. The layered holographic greeting is a great final touch!

  2. Woo! Very cool! Halloween is just around the corner, and your project is PERFECT for some decorations 😀 We’ll be making one for our house!

  3. Your mobile/ card is awesome!!! I must make one today for my grandson. His first Halloween is this year. Thank you so much for the files.

  4. These are really cute! I don’t usually decorate for Halloween but just may have to do some of these. Thanks for the neat idea.

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